FS19 Krone Mods

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Krone TX 560 D

Krone TX 560 D for Farming Simulator 19

LS19 Krone TX 560D This is my subscription special from me pfusch_by_716tms and pics.by.simon720, who helped me with this. What Did We Do To It? BKT, Vredestein, Michelin tires added Warning strips, license plates Colours Load door cut out by pics_by_user555 and door animated with Simple IC Thanks to Agrarmodding2k20 for the approval of the…

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Krone HUB

Krone HUB for Farming Simulator 19

This is an original Krone Hub from a Krone Optimat manure spreader / all-purpose loader Here are the entries for the XML Simply unzip the zip to KroneHub and then copy it into the mod, then the paths will fit all the hubs The hub can be freely used by everyone and does not require…

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Krone ZX Pack

Krone ZX Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is a Krone loader wagon pack that contains three different loader wagons. Krone ZX 430 GD Price: € 119,000 Required power: 240 hp Capacity: 43,000l Krone ZX 470 GD Price: € 139,000 Required power: 240 hp Capacity: 47,000l Krone ZX 560 GD Price: € 165,000 Required power: 240 hp Capacity: 56,000l

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Krone BIG X

Krone BIG X for Farming Simulator 19

Here is the excellent Krone Big X which is a smaller model than the base one and this endowing with different engines. Characteristics: ✔ Price: 275,000 + 80,000 € (cutting bar) ✔ Power: 480 ✔ 530 ✔ 580 ✔ 630 hp

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Forage Harvesters Pack

Forage Harvesters Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Pack of Forage harvesters for harvesting corn mash. This Pack Contains: Basic game Forage harvesters (Krone bigx 1100, new holland fr 780) configurable for normal shredding or for corn mash. Capello quasar f4, diamant HS8, diamant HS12, Quasar HS16 predisposed to the coupling with shredder for the shredding of the corn mash. IMPORTANT NOTE: This…

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Krone Flatbed Trailer

Krone Flatbed Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

Krone Flatbed Trailer ✔ Price: 24000 $ ✔ Choice of colors ✔ Trailer ✔ Bumpers ✔ Wheels ✔ White or blue decals ✔ 3 license plates ✔ Autoload configuration (with the option “Autoload” for straps the bales, it is necessary to unload the bales on the trailer)

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