Adjustable Mirrors V1.0.1 Script for FS2019

Adjustable Mirrors V1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19
Adjustable Mirrors V1.0.1 for FS19


This mod enables you to adjust the mirrors of you vehicles and actually make them useful when using the in-cab view.
Everything is fully multiplayer compatible and mirrors will be synched between all clients and saved by the server.

Default Bindings Are As Follows:
✔ “Adjust Mirrors on/off”: [rctrl + keypad_0]
✔ “Change mirror”: [rctrl + keypad_5]
✔ “Tilt the mirror down”: [rctrl + keypad_8]
✔ “Tilt the mirror up”: [rctrl + keypad_2]
✔ “Tilt the mirror left”: [rctrl + keypad_4]
✔ “Tilt the mirror right”: [rctrl + keypad_6]

Authors: StjerneIdioten – Original 2015 version by Marhu

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Download mod (36 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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