Download GSI Placeable Grain BIN V1.1 FS19 Mod

FS19 Silo Mod: GSI Placeable Grain BIN V1.1 (Featured)
FS19 Silo Mod: GSI Placeable Grain BIN V1.1

This is a GSI custom farm silo bin (original models by SouthSaskModding and killerrf / custom script by GtX) originally a generic all crops in one bin but with a realistic top trigger, now redone for FS 2019 as a realistic single bin, able to hold multiple crops, but only one at a time, due to the custom script. It is available as a placeable for those who would like a realistic American style farm silo bin for their farms that acts and looks like a real bin.

The capacity is set to a realistic figure, calculated from the volume of the bin used in the system. The capacity per type is 1385442 Liters and the purchase price is a more realistic $79,000.00…

This bin has the trigger at the top, as a realistic one would, fill it with an auger such as the Farm King or the Batco… unload from the built-in unload pipe, using the Brandt auger.

This silo system holds all the default game grains: wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, soybean and sunflower. Since grain silo systems IRL cannot store cotton or root crops like sugarbeets and potatoes, this one does NOT store those either.

Using the cool script from GtX, however, this silo (as in real life) will hold only ONE fillType at a time… to change fillTypes, you must empty the bin first. Stand in front of the output auger to get info in the F1 menu as to crop type in the bin, amount and percent of fill.

Authors: ccs101 – configuration and texture fixes
GtX – single crop bin script
killerrf – bin models and textures

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