FS19 Silo Mods

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Silo Hall With Roof

Silo Hall With Roof for Farming Simulator 19

An old silage silo on the farm has become obsolete. But what to do with it now? To debris it, was no question for your farm. So, the silage silo was turned into a grain hall. This Pack Includes Four Different Versions: With Gates: ✔ Price: 25.000€ ✔ Maintenance: 15€ ✔ Two gates to open…


Multifruit Silo Pack

Multifruit Silo Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Multifruit Silo Pack,A pack of silos where you can choose according to the needs of the farm. ✔ Small silo ✔ Cost: €80 000 ✔ Maintenance: €25 / day. ✔ Medium silo ✔ Cost: €130 000 ✔ Maintenance: €40 / day. ✔ Big silo ✔ Cost: €180 000 ✔ Maintenance: €60 / day



Bunkersilo for Farming Simulator 19

This is a simple placeable silage bunker to store all of your feed commodities in. It has been finished for a while and thought it was about time I gave it to you.