Download John Deere DB60 FS19 Seeder Mod

FS19 Seeder Mod: John Deere DB60 (Featured)
FS19 Seeder Mod: John Deere DB60

✔ 4 Wheels / Tracks Configurations,
✔ 3 Starfire Configurations (NO / 3000 / 6000),
✔ 5 Tanks Configurations,
✔ 2 wheels Covers Configurations,
✔ 2 Ridge Markers Configurations,
✔ 2 SmartBoxes Configurations,
✔ 2 work Lights Configurations.
Addons And New Things By Mod Authors:
✔ All FS19 standards,
✔ Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
✔ Wearable and Wahsable
✔ FS19 Lights,

✔ ConnectionHoses (Dynamic Hoses),
✔ Back Attacher for Liquid Carts with Hoses Joints,
✔ All tanks Configurations with real capacity + mass Scripts,
✔ Realistics RotLimits (Flexable),
✔ Randomly Moving Parts on every single Row,
✔ New, FS19 Particle Animations (dust, material and soil),
✔ Real values (capacity, mass, price etc),
✔ New HD Declas,
✔ Safety Labels Decals,
✔ Dynamic seedHoses,
✔ Manure System (with LiquidTank Configuration),
✔ RefugeTank, CCS SeedTanks and frame remodeled to 1:1 scale,
✔ New Ridge Markers,
✔ New Ridge Marker’s animations,

FS19 | John Deere DB60 v1.0 (by JHHG Modding) - review

Authors: ModelJHHG Modding, Banks.INC Modding, Brent E.
CreatorJHHG Modding
Programing and ScriptingJHHG Modding
Blender workJHHG Modding
ModelsJHHG Modding, Banks.INC Modding, Brent E.
UDIM (PBR Textures)JHHG Modding
SkinnedMesh hosesLR Modding

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