Download Mercedes-Benz CLS Class (C218, W218, X218) V3.0 0.32 BeamNG Car Mod

BeamNG Mercedes-Benz CLS Class C218, W218, X218 V3.0 0.32 mod
Mercedes-Benz CLS Class (C218, W218, X218) V3.0 [0.32] for BeamNG

If you have installed the mod before, then you should clear the cache by going to this path /User/Local/AppData/ version of the game is /temp/vehicles/clsomg. Delete the clsomg.cdae file if it is there
134 Configurations.
100% Jbeam/Openable.
It’s an elaborate bottom.
Careful study under the bumpers.
A well-developed engine compartment.
Reflections in mirrors according to the new function of the game.
Real weight, engine characteristics.
28 types of skins.
A well-developed space under the trunk (to open it, you need to pull the node circle).
BrakeGlow – heating brakes.
AIRMATIC air suspension and AMG Ride Control sports suspension.
Animation of the headlights when turned on.
Most luminous objects have a light bake.
Factory colors in the color palette
6 Airbags.
Entertainment system for rear passengers.
The cabin has animated gas pedals, brakes and handbrake, animated ignition key, animated turn signal lever, animated fog light switch, animated light switch, animated arrow of speedometer, tachometer, thermistor, fuel gauge, animated mechanical clock, animated handles when folding the rear seats.
The ability to move the visors, open the hatch, the hatch cover in the cabin, fold the rear seats, move the driver’s and passenger’s seat / fold the backrest, fold the mirrors through the triggers.
7 lamps that turn on triggers.
57 triggers.
A huge number of small detailed details.
The interior color changes on the second palette.
The Ambient lighting color changes on the third palette.

ATTENTION ASSIST system – The ATTENTION ASSIST driver fatigue monitoring system is especially useful on long routes, recognizing signs of increasing inattention and fatigue of the driver and drawing his attention to these facts. How does she do it? Sensors analyze the nature of driving, checking it for deviations from a pre-fixed driving profile, individual for each driver.
PARKING ASSIST system – When you turn on your car, it will search for enough parking space, for which you just need to press the button. The Parking Assist system automatically starts searching for space in both directions — parallel and perpendicular.
The head lighting system – LED INTELLIGENT LIGHT SYSTEM – The extremely fast and accurate adaptation of the head light to the current traffic situation is provided by the LED INTELLIGENT LIGHT SYSTEM technology. Thanks to the possibility of individual control of the LEDs, the light always turns on exactly at the moment when it is needed.
Active dead zone monitoring system – using radar, it monitors the near zones on the left, right and behind the car. If a car suddenly appears in the controlled area, the system displays a warning symbol on the driver’s side mirror glass.
ECO Start-Stop – The ECO Start-stop function reduces fuel consumption and emissions by turning off the car engine during driving stops.
Comand Online system – This multimedia system is a prominent representative of the new generation of telematics. It has a lot of information about the car and combines all the functions of the audio system, security systems and navigation system. The improved version of the management concept makes it even more understandable and user-friendly than ever before. Navigation, car information, audio, security systems – thanks to the COMAND Online control and display system, the driver will have a whole host of important functions in his field of vision and under control.
Dashboard – The Mercedes-Benz CLS C218 dashboard is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Illuminated by crystal-clear dials, the devices are complemented by high-quality materials and soft lighting, creating a cozy atmosphere in the cabin. An innovative display with information about the car and multimedia functions allows the driver to stay always in touch and keep up to date with all events on the road. Enjoy every ride behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz CLS C218, enjoy the excellent design and technology of the German automotive industry.


1034 Details in Blender.
The engine compartment.
There are 7 types of engine, each has its own unique tuning (All types differ in appearance, sounds and characteristics).
4 Types of exhaust – AMG, Brabus, CLS, Downpipe.
5 Types of AMG muffler nozzles.
5 Types of Brabus muffler nozzles.
There are 28 types of discs, each with its own unique tuning.
4 Choices of your brakes.
The ability to change the color of the brake calipers.
5 Types of your tires.
The bumper.
There are 9 types of front bumper, each with a large number of its own unique tuning.
6 types of rear bumper, each has its own unique tuning.
A large amount of tuning on doors, door cards and front mirrors.
4 Types of wings with a large number of nameplates.
10 Types of hood.
Versions of broken hoods do not open on purpose.
7 Types of spoiler.
A huge number of nameplates on the trunk.
2 Design of the molding on the trunk.
The salon.
4 Types of torpedoes with a huge amount of tuning.
There is a choice of keys, front/rear climate control. A large selection of moldings. Tuning of the rear-view mirror.
There are 3 types of steering wheel, each has a huge amount of tuning.
The rest of the details.
There is a choice of fins for the roof. 4 types of front headlights. A large amount of tuning for the roof. Tuning of taillights and thresholds.
There is a 10% and 5% tinted glass.
And also many, many other things.

Some models of tuning parts are low-poly. They had to be cut back for the sake of optimization.
There are some nuances with the rear seats.

Compatibility: BeamNG 0.32, 0.32 Cars, 0.32 Mercedes-Benz

Author: omg_potxto

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  1. WOW bro that probably the mod with the most features and configurations ive ever seen and its so nice THANK YOU🙌

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