Download Fallout 76 Configuration Tool (INI Editor) Fallout 76 Utiliti Mod

Fallout76 Utiliti Mod: Fallout 76 Configuration Tool (INI Editor) (Featured)
Fallout76 Utiliti Mod: Fallout 76 Configuration Tool (INI Editor)

This lets you search for and edit all of the configuration settings used by the game engine. This lets you modify things you normally could not edit using the official settings menu.

The Configuration Tool gives you a single location to locate and edit game variables. This configuration tool currently supports SkyrimVR, Fallout 4 VR, and now Fallout 76.

To use this tool, first select the game, located at the top of the configuration tool:

Once selected, the main tab will populate with all the known ini settings, their section, default value, and current value.

You can use the filtering section to locate specific settings, or only display settings that have been changed or have descriptions:

To edit an item, just click on it’s current value and use your keyboard to modify the value. There is no validation to your entry so make sure you put a valid value in that box or you may just break your game.

To quickly get the current value, default value, or copy the setting name, right click on an item to reveal a context menu allowing you to do so.

If you want to export all your modified settings, to either send to a friend or as a backup, simply press Export modified, to the right of the filters. To apply the values, just press import modified and select the previously exported file.

In the settings tab, you can modify the location of the ini files (not recommended), Game location (should be detected automatically), and the Play Game binary (edit this if you’re using a file that’s not the normal game exe).

You can hover your mouse over all the buttons in the settings menu to get a quick description on what they do.

Author: Bilago

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