Download Root’s Sorting And Tagging V3.6 Fallout 76 User Mod

Root’s Sorting And Tagging V3.6 for Fallout 76
Root’s Sorting And Tagging V3.6 for Fallout76

Sorts all items based on item type and adds scrap component tags to all junk items.

Modifier text removed.
Added + tag for AA/ASSN/B/EXE/OE/Q/TS/UNY/V.
Added – tag for everything else.
Added = tag for unique weapons.
Added mod tags to inspection.
[Grenade+] for Atomic Shop grenades.

[Bobblehead+]- Tier 1 bobbleheads.
[Chem+] – Tier 1 chems.
[Magazine+] – Tier 1 magazines.
[Nuka+] – Tier 1 Nuka.

[Food+] – Pre-War. Buffs. Doesn’t spoil.
[Food-C/H+]- Pre-War. Buffs. Doesn’t spoil. Carnivore/Herbivore.
[Food-C/H] – Buffs. Spoils. Carnivore/Herbivore.
[Ingredient-C/H] – Raw. Spoils. Diseased. Hunger and cooking. Carnivore/Herbivore.
[Ingredient] – Cooking.
[Drink+] – Buffs.
[Alcohol+] – Buffs.
[Aid+] – Pails. Gifts. Packages. Atomic Shop consumables.


# – Dev Room/Legacy.
$ – High value.
% – Low value/Risk.
& – Untradeable.

[Clothes/Head/Hazmat/Gasmask+++] – Ultra-rare.
[Clothes/Head/Hazmat/Gasmask++] – Rare.
[Clothes/Head/Hazmat/Gasmask+] – Uncommon.
Estimates taken from FED76.

[Mod-W] – Weapon mods.
[Mod-A] – Armor mods.
[Mod-PA] – Power Armor mods.

[Scrap-B] – Can be bulked and sold to vendors.
[Scrap-V] – Can be sold to vendors.
[Junk] – Includes weight and scrap production.

Extract the ../strings folder into your ../Fallout76/Data folder.

Updated for Patch – Once In a Blue Moon (Season 13: Shoot for the Stars!).
Updated Weapons, Armor, Apparel, Food, Plans, Misc/Quest items, Notes, Holotapes.
Soft appraised new outfits and plans.
Merged [Quest] tag into [Misc-Q], [Junk-Q], etc. Added all quest items.
Added and corrected many (probably all) tags.

Author: root

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