Glowing Mission Items Expeditions PTS

Glowing Mission Items Expeditions PTS for Fallout 76

Glowing Mission Items for Expeditions The Pitt and the Refuge Daily : Recipe for Success Current Modified Items: REFUGE DAILY : RECIPE FOR SUCCESS -Carrots -Tattoos -Venison -Salt -Pepper UNION DUES (Exact naming needs editing) -Steel Ingots -Stolen Union Goods -Flux container Small union box -Union Secure Beacon -Toxic Red Barrels FROM ASHES TO FIRE…


BIG E’S Spirit Of The West

BIG E’S Spirit Of The West for Fallout 76

“Nowadays, they have a name for just about everything. Doesn’t matter what they call you… it’s the deeds that make the man.” Big E’s Spirit of the West Bringing you the legendary pistol used by The Man with No Name To Replace Those Ivory Pistol Grips!!!


Vault-Tec Ammo Converter

Vault-Tec Ammo Converter for Fallout 76

A Vault-Tec themed reskin of the Ammo Converter. I hated the look of the Ammo Converter. It’s old, worn, rusty, and just really gross looking. Didn’t really fit my clean Vault-Tec themed camp so I decided to do something about it. This is my first ever texture mod so I’m open to feedback & suggestions….


Vault Girl Interface

Vault Girl Interface for Fallout 76

Replace of Vault Boy UI with Vault Girl About This mod implement Vault Girl UI mod from Fallout 4 “Vault Girl Mod” to Fallout 76, all credits should go to original author bigCman123. Vault Boy Pipboy UI has been changed to Vault Girl in most parts (Status, SPECIAL, Inventory and Body conditions). Original mod is…


Text Chat (NOW With Clans)

Text Chat (NOW With Clans) for Fallout 76

Allows players to communicate with text chat through clan chat, global chat, trade chat, party chat, group chat and local proximity chat. Terms of Use By using the Text Chat mod you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use Text…


Ore Glow

Ore Glow for Fallout 76

This is another from my custom glow set, since there seems to be a desire for it outside of my own personal need. It adds a custom glow texture to ore veins since I found them painstakingly hard to efficiently locate. Last config changes Patch 10 (updated June 10) Due to the increased volatility of…


Treasure Hunter Marker

Treasure Hunter Marker for Fallout 76

Replaces the Treasure Hunter Mole Miner into a Marker with card board cut out of a Vault boy. This will make it easier to see where the Mole Miner is. Use Vortex to Install OR If you prefer to install it yourself? 1. You will want to make sure you extract and drop the .ba2…


Raider SKI HAT NO Goggles

Raider SKI HAT NO Goggles for Fallout 76

I love the Raider Ski Hat but I couldn’t stand the ugly goggles that were attached to it so I simply removed them and edited the textures a bit for a better fit with my character. There are 2 options Ski Hat with vanilla textures and a version with my custom textures.


EVB Super Mutant Costume

EVB Super Mutant Costume for Fallout 76

I want to eventually convert all messed up outfits to EVB to fix issues like ugly feet and stuff this is just the SuperMutantCostume that was just added to the atomic store.