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Light UP Appalachia – Windows

Light UP Appalachia – Windows for Fallout 76

Lights up the windows all across Appalachia. Adds lighting to most windows in the game. This mod adds glowing windows all across Appalachia, fusion power doesn’t just run out and conserving energy would personally be the least of my worries in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. Also this makes more sense in places like…

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Weedkiller for Fallout 76

Tired of hunting through the grass for enemies to loot, or is all the grass in Appalachia making your potato PC beg for mercy? This simple .ini tweak eliminates most of the grass in Appalachia, making it easy to find and loot corpses, swing at radroaches biting you from the undergrowth and helping your tired…

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Todd Howard SUN Replacer

Todd Howard SUN Replacer for Fallout 76

This mod replaces the sun with the lord Todd Howard’s gleaming visage, so we all may bask in his his brilliant Todd rays. Our Father Todd, who art at Bethesda, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in Fallout 76 as it is at Bethesda. Give us this day our Daily…

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