Fallout76 Performance Mods

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BIG FPS Boost for Fallout 76

Changes Some Particles And Fog In The Game, Retains Quality Yet Boosts Fps By At Least 15-20, Let Me Know How It Works Out For You In The Comments. If you remember the enemies ESP mod I posted earlier, which was removed for being considered cheating, please know I put it on my Patreon I…

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Uglyfast76 for Fallout 76

This Is A Replacement For All Of Standard F76 Season4 With May Update Textures Files: SeventySix – Textures01.ba2, SeventySix – Textures02.ba2, SeventySix – Textures03.ba2, SeventySix – Textures04.ba2, SeventySix – Textures05.ba2, SeventySix – Textures06.ba2, SeventySix – Textures07.ba2 SeventySix – GeneratedTextures01.ba2, SeventySix – GeneratedTextures02.ba2 SeventySix – 00UpdateTextures.ba2 Installed by removing them from Fallout76.ini and adding sResourceIndexFileList =…

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