Scythe Weapon for Fallout76

Scythe for Fallout 76
Scythe for Fallout76


Model swap of any of 4 two-handed melee weapons.

Optional replacement of your choice of Grognak Axe, Spear, War Drum or Woodaxe (or all 4!) with a modified scythe model. The downloaded file will include all 4 .ba2 files. Simply drag and drop the ones you want. Made using assets by Bethesda.

Note: This mod will not change the in-game nameplate for the desired weapon. If you would like to make this change yourself, it can easily be performed by using xTranslator (this must be redone manually or via script after each patch). I recommend naming them “Scythe”.

Huge thank you to Eckserah for fixing the save feature on Nifskope.

Author: waster93

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