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Fallout 3 Immersive Pack

Fallout 3 Immersive Pack for Fallout 76

This mod aims to give you an approach of what you felt playing Fallout 3 by replacing the menu video and music as well as ingame ambience and combat music with those found on Fallout 3. IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE RADIO AT ALL. INSTALLATION: 1-Simply extract and copy the files into the Data folder…

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NO More West-Tek Doors

NO More West-Tek Doors for Fallout 76

Tired Of Constantly Opening All These Buggy Doors Which Close Right In Front Of Your Nose While Running West-Tek? Here’s A QoL Fix For You! Running West-Tek regularly I got tired of the doors closing right in front of me when I try to open them. This mod removes all doors in the interior for…

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Scorched Head Explosions

Scorched Head Explosions for Fallout 76

Ever thought it was strange how scorched heads never explode? Ever thought it was weird how they simply fell off? Use this mod to fix that problem. For some bizarre reason, Scorched Heads can never explode. Super mutant heads can fly off or explode, and human heads can fly off or explode. But scorched heads…

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Dirty Loading Screen FIX

Dirty Loading Screen FIX for Fallout 76

Fixes bad “grid” loading screen. Requires manual installation using Archive2. The game has a weird way of rendering a certain loading screen, constantly annoyed by the nasty blotchy texture that shows up. I made this. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to get it to load without editing the startup.ba2 with Archive2. Installation 1….

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Blxke’s Modpack

Blxke’s Modpack for Fallout 76

Includes a folder of mods to install using any mod manager of you’re choice I use Fallout 76 Quick Configuration. But you can use what you want. Mod includes: Better Inventory Perk Loadout Manager RatMonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging Lockpick Bar Reveal Mod Tutorial Paper Bags Glow Bobbleheads Glow Recipes and Plans Glow RatMonkeys Glowing…

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