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Valentine Dress (Stars And Stripes Base)

Valentine Dress (Stars And Stripes Base) for Fallout 76

This is a loose texture replacement for the Atom Shop dress called Stars and Stripes. This is a loose texture mod for Fallout 76 that replaces the Atom Shop dress texture, Stars and Stripes with some of the textures from the new Valentine’s Day pantsuit. The files are loose, so you will need one of…

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Junkyard LMG Glowsight

Junkyard LMG Glowsight for Fallout 76

Anything is possible with a tack welder and spite. Hey, YOU. You ever think to yourself as you hose your enemies in hot .308 flavored lead “Shit, I wish I could aim this damn thing”. Well keep looking for this isn’t the mod for you. However, if you ever wanted to be able to slightly…

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Weights ESP

Weights ESP for Fallout 76

This mod gives you an ESP for weights and barbells so you can see them through walls. Useful if you want to farm lead and don’t know if a location has been looted. Install it as any other .ba2 mod.

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Refuge Eagle Eyed Cook

Refuge Eagle Eyed Cook for Fallout 76

highlights the objects in the Recipe For Success cooking daily without highlighting other props. A friend wanted a mod for the stew to be less annoying, and I wanted a mod that didn’t highlight random props so I did both.

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Crusader Pistol With NO BOS Markings

Crusader Pistol With NO BOS Markings for Fallout 76

A small mod that changes Crusaider’s Pistol appearance to not have BOS markings. So I am not a fan of any kind of faction markings on gear so I just removed it. Installation Put “Crusader_Pistol_NoBOSMarkings.ba2” from the archive to your “Data” folder, then add “Crusader_Pistol_NoBOSMarkings.ba2” to your “sResourceArchive2List =” line from “Fallout76Custom.ini” so it should…

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Pirate Ship With A View

Pirate Ship With A View for Fallout 76

Removes some of the dirty glass on the Pirate ship’s portholes making it easier to see This modifies both of the pirate ships to remove the dirty glass from the windows, giving you a somewhat of a view Note This is purely a visual change, the original collision is still there, so no running wires…

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