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Mountain Scout Uniform

Mountain Scout Uniform for Fallout 76

Replaces Vault Survivor Outfit and Hood with Mountain Scout Uniform and Goggles. If you started playing Fallout 76 after the release of Wastelanders you’re missing out on two very cool pieces of apparel, the Mountain Scout Uniform and Mountain Scout Goggles; which I now bring to you. Using this mod requires obtaining a high rank…


Glowing Meatpiles

Glowing Meatpiles for Fallout 76

This MOD makes Meat Piles glow 1 of 4 colours and 2 different glow types. I found while I was doing a nuke event that I could not find the bodies of the legendary enemies I had killed as they had all turned into Meat Piles. Meat Piles are almost impossible to see during the…


Ore Glow

Ore Glow for Fallout 76

This is another from my custom glow set, since there seems to be a desire for it outside of my own personal need. It adds a custom glow texture to ore veins since I found them painstakingly hard to efficiently locate. Last config changes Patch 10 (updated June 10) Due to the increased volatility of…


Treasure Hunter Marker

Treasure Hunter Marker for Fallout 76

Replaces the Treasure Hunter Mole Miner into a Marker with card board cut out of a Vault boy. This will make it easier to see where the Mole Miner is. Use Vortex to Install OR If you prefer to install it yourself? 1. You will want to make sure you extract and drop the .ba2…


Raider SKI HAT NO Goggles

Raider SKI HAT NO Goggles for Fallout 76

I love the Raider Ski Hat but I couldn’t stand the ugly goggles that were attached to it so I simply removed them and edited the textures a bit for a better fit with my character. There are 2 options Ski Hat with vanilla textures and a version with my custom textures.


EVB Super Mutant Costume

EVB Super Mutant Costume for Fallout 76

I want to eventually convert all messed up outfits to EVB to fix issues like ugly feet and stuff this is just the SuperMutantCostume that was just added to the atomic store.


(Rgemi) Reddeys Glowing And Emissive Mentat Ingredients

(Rgemi) Reddeys Glowing And Emissive Mentat Ingredients for Fallout 76

RGEMI aims to replace ingredients for mentats and berry mentats (Different mentat ingredients planned out for future updates) with more visible models that glow in the dark. Motivation: Due to the fact that there is only 1 other mod that replaces mentat ingredients for higher visibility, i alongside riddER_ have decided to make our own,…


Assaultron Outfit

Assaultron Outfit for Fallout 76

This mod replaces an outfit with an assaultron body/head, allowing you to cosplay everyone’s favorite line of robots. The outfit that is replaced depends on the download file used, the options being the BOS spec op outfit and/or the chinese stealth outfit, however more outfits may be added later. Notes: I’m not experienced in modding,…


EVB Feral Ghoul Costume Conversion

EVB Feral Ghoul Costume Conversion for Fallout 76

Somebody asked me a while ago if I could convert this outfit to look better with EVB body and with my limited FO76 modding experience I tried many times and failed but now after spending the last year learning how to build my own openworld game I have learnt many things about mesh and texture…