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Dr.canned’s Color Grading Reshade

Dr.canned’s Color Grading Reshade for Fallout 76

A lightweight color grading cinematic style reshade preset. This is my own use reshade preset and many friends asks me for the preset so i upload this How to install 1.download lastest version reshade from https://reshade.me/ 2.install reshade with all vfx (just check all shaders) 3.in game load my preset Dr.canned’s Color grading.ini 4.no more

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Bluebegone for Fallout 76

A simple reshade that reduces the amount of ambient blue light. Fallout 76 always struck me as being over-saturated with an ambient blue fog. This reshade preset uses only 1 effect to subtly reduce the amount of blue ambient light without impacting performance. For compatibility with ChatMod rename the dxgi.dll *that is installed by ReShade*…

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G1Ew’s Reshade

G1Ew’s Reshade for Fallout 76

An ENB/Reshade that removes the over-saturated blue ambient light and darkens shadows slightly without impacting performance. Installing Reshade 4.9.1: Download Reshade from https://reshade.me Run the program and select your Fallout76.exe if it does not detect your game automatically Select d3d9/10/11 and let Reshade install dxgi.dll (For compatibility with chatmod, rename the dxgi.dll created by Reshade…

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LOW Contrast And Framerate Limiter Reshade Preset

LOW Contrast And Framerate Limiter Reshade Preset for Fallout 76

Mitigates high contrast when using enlighten = 0 Framerate limiter for people with HZ above 60 I use enlighten = 0 in falloutprefs.ini This is equivalent to: Disabling character lights and Fixing a lighting bug It unfortunately also makes shadows really dark, and everything else really bright. Sick of being unable to see, I made…

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Photorealistic Appalachia

Photorealistic Appalachia for Fallout 76

Photorealistic Appalachia is a Reshade Preset for Fallout 76 that aim to remove tints and gives a Natural and Clean look to the game. It Works best with the latest version of ReShade. INSTALLATION The First Thing To Do : Go To The ReShade Website, Then Download The Last Version At The Bottom Of The…

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