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The Fixer Skins

The Fixer Skins for Fallout 76

Tired of the fixer skin, so i made this mod This mod includes most of the fixer skins Installation: open Fallout76Custom.ini (create one if you don’t have one) located in documents -> My Games -> Fallout 76 Create A Line Of Text Like This: [Archive] sResourceArchive2List=FileName.ba2 bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Save and it should show in-game

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Handmade R-91 Assault Rifle

Handmade R-91 Assault Rifle for Fallout 76

Replaces handmade with unreleased R91 assault rifle skin. Also replaces sounds for firing and reloading. So, full disclosure, i spent three hours putting this thing together, sound design and all… Only to check nexus as soon as i finish it, and see someone did one like it two years ago. I’m not trying to steal…

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Black And Gold Alien Disintegrator

Black And Gold Alien Disintegrator for Fallout 76

Recolors the Alien Disintegrator to a Black and Gold color scheme. I made this mod back when the Alien Disintegrator was first released for personal use but never bothered uploading it to the Nexus. Well, here you go! Are you tired of the boring grey gunmetal color of the normal Alien Disintegrator? Me too. So…

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Skeleton Bomb

Skeleton Bomb for Fallout 76

Replaces the Explosive Bait with a skeleton wearing the Vault 76 jumpsuit. Install: In Your Fallout76Custom.ini, Add “SkeletonBomb.ba2” On The Line: [Archive] sResourceArchive2List= Eg: sResourceArchive2List=SkeletonBomb.ba2

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Scythe for Fallout 76

Model swap of any of 4 two-handed melee weapons. Optional replacement of your choice of Grognak Axe, Spear, War Drum or Woodaxe (or all 4!) with a modified scythe model. The downloaded file will include all 4 .ba2 files. Simply drag and drop the ones you want. Made using assets by Bethesda. Note: This mod…

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