Download X3Daudio Hrtf – 3D Headphone Surround Mod Fallout 76

X3Daudio Hrtf – 3D Headphone Surround Mod for Fallout 76
X3Daudio Hrtf – 3D Headphone Surround Mod for Fallout76

This mod implements HRTF sound positioning technology inside Fallout 76, which will make you hear sounds exactly from which direction they’re coming.

Have you ever wondered why you cannot correctly identify the direction of sounds that you hear while playing Fallout 76?

Worry not, this mod implements HRTF 3d sound technology into Fallout 76, which is also officially used in games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, etc.

After enabling the mod, your standard 2 channel stereo headphone will turn into a monster giving full binaural hearing experience.

Just extract the contents of downloaded archive into C:/Program Files (x86)/ Launcher/games/Fallout76.

Game will automatically hook x3daudio1_x.dll, which is the interface library needed for HRTF sound calculations.

Disable if you have any external surround effect enabled. Check sticky post in comments for more troubleshooting options.

Author: kosumosu

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