Download Atomicshade – A Fallout 76 Reshade Preset Fallout 76 ENB Mod

Fallout76 Atomicshade – A Fallout 76 Reshade Preset mod
Atomicshade – A Fallout 76 Reshade Preset for Fallout76

AtomicShade – A semi-subtle Reshade preset to help bring Fallout 76’s lighting closer to the modern day.

This is a personal preset of mine I thought I’d share with the rest of y’all, upon returning to Fallout 76, I was displeased with the quality of lighting present in the game, as well as the incredibly blurry and washed out nature of the game, which I have attempted to fix for myself.

This Reshade preset requires the IMMERSE fx pack and the sweetfx pack when installing reshade, which you must install yourself, I am not allowed to redistribute anything more than my preset.

When installing reshade for Fallout 76 through this page here (, you MUST choose the installer with full addon support, as the depth buffer is needed for these effects to work the best they can, especially the MXAO. (It says it’s for singleplayer games only, however Fallout 76 does not have an anticheat that can misread reshade as cheating software)

I am aware of the visual artifacts the MXAO can cause within the map menu or in specific environments to a degree, but this is simply a product of how Reshade works and how Fallout 76 is made, I cannot do anything about it to my knowledge. If it bothers you enough, feel free to disable MXAO, which may also improve performance.

I will be continuing to work on this in my own time. Planned additions are different preset options for different looks and performances for those who want more or less visual fidelity. I also plan to further tune and improve the default preset.

Please consider endorsing if you enjoy the preset! I’m also always around if there are any issues with setting it up, I will answer whatever questions I can and fix any issues I can if possible, I’m using this preset myself as my main so I’m constantly looking for any issues, but if I miss any do let me know.

(Previously named Nukashade until I discovered that name was taken, file name will update next time I update the preset)

Author: KronosProto

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