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Enhanced Vanilla Bodies 76 for Fallout 76
Enhanced Vanilla Bodies 76 for Fallout76

High-resolution body replacers based off the vanilla bodies. This is a port of Leito’s Fallout 4 mod with some additional tweaks and improvements.

Improvements and tweaks
Additional details added to the female and male textures.
Tweaked the breasts shape for the nude female body.
Fixed neck seam and hands seams.

Known issues
Nude bodies will sometime clip through modular armors.

Raiders, Ghouls and Decaying corpses without outfit (like the ones found at Morgantown Airport) will have visible texture mismatches.

Choose and extract the desired .ba2 archives into your Fallout 76’s “Data” folder (Default location: C:Program Files (x86) LaunchergamesFallout76Data).
Navigate to your Fallout 76 settings folder in “My Games” (Default location: C:Users%USERNAME%DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76). If it’s the first mod you are installing, create a “Fallout76Custom.ini” with notepad.
Open your “Fallout76Custom.ini” and add the name of the .ba2 archives you extracted to the “SResourceArchive2List” line.

Here’s An Example With The Files From “EVB 76 – AIO Nude (BA2)” On A New Fallout76Custom.ini:
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = SeventySix – StaticMeshes.ba2, EVB76 – Meshes.ba2, EVB76 – Textures.ba2

Authors: Leito86 and Mikado

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