Download Short Shotguns RDR2 Weapon Mod

Short Shotguns for Red Dead Redemption 2
Short Shotguns for RDR2

Gives most shotguns the ability to go stockless. Tax stamps not required.

This really should have been an option from the get-go.
Makes having stocks completely optional for the repeating, pump action and double barrel shotties.

All you have to do is visit a local gun smith and choose the “Straight Grain” option in stocks. You can go back to having stocks whenever you feel like it without needing to uninstall.

The floating rifle butt always seems to show and I can’t do anything about this. It is not too noticable.
Repeating shotgun has some visual issues, but nothing too serious. Plus, I had to include it for the MW2 nostalgia.

Place lml in RDR2 directory.

Authors: based88pilot

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