RED Dead Trainer Script for RDR2

RED Dead Trainer for Red Dead Redemption 2
RED Dead Trainer for RDR2


Simple Trainer with many features — Controller Supported

Red Dead Trainer
By iJamesss

Open/Close – F3 (Can be Changed in the .ini)
Back/Close – Backspace / NUM 0
Select – Enter / NUM 5
Up – Arrow Up / NUM 8
Down – Arrow Down / NUM 2
Left – Arrow Left / NUM 4
Right – Arrow Right / NUM 6
Teleport To Waypoint – F12 (Can be Changed in the .ini)
World Changes – F11 (Can be Changed in the .ini)
No Clip – F10 (Can Be Changed in the .ini)
Play Nearest Scenario- PageUp (Can Be Changed in the .ini)
Stop Playing Nearest Scenario- PageDown (Can Be Changed in the .ini)

Controller: Xbox : PS4
Open/Close – RB/R1 + Dpad Down
Back/Close – B/Circle
Select – A/X

Up – Dpad Up
Down – Dpad Down
Left – Dpad Left
Right – Dpad Right

Mod Requires:
AB Scripthook

Features Included:
All basic cheat functions
Honor Options
Core Options
Menu Colour Change
Ped spawn, vehicle spawn, non hostile animals & more tasks.
Outfit variance For peds (You will find most of the animals here too).
Change Player Model, Outfit, Remove Satchel & Off Hand Holster, Movement Styles.
Give Weapons and are able to remove and drop unwanted weapons.
Teleport Options including to Horse teleports and No clip etc.
time options and weather options(including adding snow).
Always Perfect pelts option for easy hunting.
Disable both New Austin & Guarma Invisible Snipers.
Clean Weapons and enable Infinite Weapon Condition
keys in the .ini can be updated while in game
and many more Options….will be updated over time.

Place .asi & .ini into your RDR2 Game Directory where you RDR2.exe is

Author: iJamesss

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