Sweet N’ Simple Reshade ReShade for RDR2

Sweet N’ Simple Reshade for Red Dead Redemption 2
Sweet N’ Simple Reshade for RDR2

A simple but realistic ReShade for Red Dead Redemption 2.

(In my opinion) Red Dead Redemption 2 has some of the best graphics to date. However I feel they still could be improved on. For example, sometimes vegetation can look a little too unsaturated, the sky isn’t really sky blue, etc. I see all these youtube videos on super realistic ReShades for Red Dead, but they never really seemed right to me. Some areas were excessively dark, others oversaturated, etc. So, I decided to give it a shot for myself. The Simple & Sweet ReShade only really makes small changes to the games coloration, but although its small, it enhances the experience by 10. Dark areas aren’t ridiculously dark, and the bright areas aren’t blinding. Trees are brighter green, but night time lights are still soft and not oversaturated. Water is brighter and vivid. The sky is blue-(er?). Street lights leave a soft light on the streets, while the trees and buildings are lit up by the glow. The rising sun casts brilliant gold light rays across the land. Red Dead Redemption 2, through whole new eyes.

This is my first attempt at any sort of ReShade, and I’m still kind of new. However, that being said, the only parts I’m picky about that I cant seem to fix is that sometimes skin tones can be oversaturated as well as clothing, and story mode cutscenes’ frequent exposure/brightness changes may mess with it a little bit. Those small things set aside, the game looks more vibrant and lively.

I hope you enjoy this ReShade, if you have any suggestions on how it can be improved, feel free to let me know.


Author: TheOneOfThe40



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