NO Hair Growth Player for RDR2

NO Hair Growth for Red Dead Redemption 2
NO Hair Growth for RDR2

If you like to keep Arthur or John’s beard shaved or hair short and hate how you have to visit a barber every five minutes for a trim, this mod might be for you.

No Facial Hair Growth
Basically this turns all natural facial hair levels to level 0 so no matter how much time passes in game the game thinks your beard has grown but it’ll always look clean shaven. It’s a visual change only.

This only affects natural facial hair, so you if you’re growing a handlebar mustache for example it’ll grow normally, but the sideburns & chin will always look shaven unless you select a style for either as well.

No Hair Growth
When it comes to hair I’ve made it so only Faded hairstyles are affected. All Faded hairstyles will always look like they’re Level 5.

Again this a visual change only, the game thinks you’re growing your hair but you’ll always see it at level 5.

Natural (non-faded) hairstyles will all look and grow normally and you can switch between them no problem.

I can do the same for regular hairstyles if this is something people want as well but I figured it was nice to have the ability to always switch between short & long hairstyles with ease.

The mod can be installed & uninstalled at any time without affecting or bugging out your hair, it’ll just revert to looking how it should by default.

Lenny’s mod loader is required
Copy ‘No Hair Growth’ folder into ‘lml’ folder
Install only 1 variant of the mod, choose if you want it to affect only Hair, facial hair, or both.

This mod modifies shop_items.ymt file and will be incompatible with any mod that edits the same file. I know that Red Dead Offline modifies it, and WhyEm’s Assortment heavily modifies this file so if you have WhyEm’s Assortment do not install this mod.

Author: MaVeRicK



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