Home In The Woods Map for RDR2

Home In The Woods for Red Dead Redemption 2
Home In The Woods for RDR2


Finally, you can have a beautiful cabin in the region of the tall tree. The house has an interior and an attic. You will find out about the rest by downloading this mod

map editor

A Beautiful cottage in the middle of the forest
This mod gives you the opportunity to have a house with an attic and many other accessories instead of setting up camp you can install this mod.
The map editor is required for this mod to work. Once you have installed the file put it in the maps folder.

and so the last thing is the mod has been made with map editor by lambdarevolution, if you want more mods using it, don’t forget about the endorsement of this mod.

Home in the woods | Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

Author: GameBoss5

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Download mod

forestcabin-1722-1-0-1664979304.zip (7 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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