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If you’re looking for Fallout 76 mods, you’re in the right place. Fallout 76 is a first person role playing shooter developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is the ninth mainline instalment in the Fallout series, but unlike its predecessors, it places a great focus on online and multiplayer gameplay, featuring persistent and shared-world mechanics similar to games like Destiny and The Division. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best Fallout76 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost.

The Pitt – Quest Items Glow

The Pitt – Quest Items Glow for Fallout 76

Helps you find items easier and saves you time This mod is a test version. It may be supplemented. Install: Place the contents of the (rar, 7z) in the data folder of Fallout 76: GameFolder —> ThePittGlow.ba2 Now go to Fallout76Custom.ini that is in x:UsersPerfilNameDocumentsMy GamesFallout 76 (if there is no Fallout76Custom.ini, then you need…

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Faithful Subtle Whitespring Carpet

Faithful Subtle Whitespring Carpet for Fallout 76

This mod replaces the obnoxious lime green carpet in the Whitespring Refuge with more subtle colouring while remaining faithful to the design of the original. Given how we’ll all be spending a lot more time at the Whitespring with the release of Expeditions, I figured it was time to release this. Installation Instructions: Download the…

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Easy To Find Pitt Steel Stacks

Easy To Find Pitt Steel Stacks for Fallout 76

Ever had trouble finding steel stacks for Union Dues expedition? Need a giant space laser to point out where they are? Well then this mod if for you! Replaces the steel stack collectable item with an ultracite battery with an orbital beam coming out the top. You can collect the steel at the base of…

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Reality Check Protest Signs

Reality Check Protest Signs for Fallout 76

This mod will replace all the Protest signs in the game!!! The slogans I added are based on comments and articles I read on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter, … they come from all player bases so some slogans will be harsh!!! They are ideal for live streams to make a point to Bethesda or…

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F76 Punk Jacket For Male And Female

F76 Punk Jacket For Male And Female for Fallout 76

Hi this is my version of Greaser jacket and jeans. Updates and fixes will come soon. Post your screenshots and do not forget to rate my mod. How To Install: 1 Use Fallout 76 Quick Configuration – INI-Editor and Mod Manager 2 Add the zip file and install with the tool 3 Enjoy

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Scuffed Treasure Hunter ESP

Scuffed Treasure Hunter ESP for Fallout 76

Makes it much easier to find Treasure Hunters Installation 1. Extract ScuffedTreasureHunterESP.ba2 to your Fallout76/Data folder. 2. Check whether you’ve got the Fallout76Custom.ini file under Documents/My Games/Fallout 76 folder, and if not, create it. 2a. If you’ve just created the .ini file, you need to open it and input this string in it: [Archive] 3….

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Glowing Mission Items Expeditions PTS

Glowing Mission Items Expeditions PTS for Fallout 76

Glowing Mission Items for Expeditions The Pitt and the Refuge Daily : Recipe for Success Current Modified Items: REFUGE DAILY : RECIPE FOR SUCCESS -Carrots -Tattoos -Venison -Salt -Pepper UNION DUES (Exact naming needs editing) -Steel Ingots -Stolen Union Goods -Flux container Small union box -Union Secure Beacon -Toxic Red Barrels FROM ASHES TO FIRE…

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Star Wars Blueprint Chalk Board Retexture

Star Wars Blueprint Chalk Board Retexture for Fallout 76

just a small retexture of the chalk boards as I thought the looked slightly boring I thought the default chalk boards looked a little boring along side all my modded painting and signs so I thought I’d change it up a bit with some Star Wars blueprints I found online and I threw in a…

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BIG E’S Spirit Of The West

BIG E’S Spirit Of The West for Fallout 76

“Nowadays, they have a name for just about everything. Doesn’t matter what they call you… it’s the deeds that make the man.” Big E’s Spirit of the West Bringing you the legendary pistol used by The Man with No Name To Replace Those Ivory Pistol Grips!!!

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Vault-Tec Standard Backpack

Vault-Tec Standard Backpack for Fallout 76

Changes The Default Skin Of The Standard Backpack To The Vault-Tec Themed One. The Vault-Tec themed standard backpack has been in the game files for over 2 years now and has (to my knowledge anyway), never been officially released in the atomic shop or as a seasonal reward item. This mod simply switches the textures…

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