Valentine Dress (Stars And Stripes Base)

Valentine Dress (Stars And Stripes Base) for Fallout 76

This is a loose texture replacement for the Atom Shop dress called Stars and Stripes. This is a loose texture mod for Fallout 76 that replaces the Atom Shop dress texture, Stars and Stripes with some of the textures from the new Valentine’s Day pantsuit. The files are loose, so you will need one of…

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Weights ESP

Weights ESP for Fallout 76

This mod gives you an ESP for weights and barbells so you can see them through walls. Useful if you want to farm lead and don’t know if a location has been looted. Install it as any other .ba2 mod.

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Workbench Quick FIX

Workbench Quick FIX for Fallout 76

Tired of inspecting a weapon or armor first just to repair it at a workbench? Fear no more! This mod splits the Inspect/Repair button at workbenches into two separate buttons for Repair and Inspect for quicker access to repairing weapons and armor. If you want to use a repair kit to repair instead, you can…

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The R91

The R91 for Fallout 76

Handmade Replacement with custom models. Replaces the handmade with the unused r91, with custom-made models for each attachment. Attachments: 3 Barrel lengths 3 Different Mags 3 Stocks/Grips 1 Reflex sight 1 Scope

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Nuka World ON Tour-Glow

Nuka World ON Tour-Glow for Fallout 76

Add glow to some of the Event items for Nuka World On Tour PTS-Possible Spoilers Requires: PTS at this time will be part of base game later Add glow to some items needed for the Nuka World On Tour events. Items: Most Wanted: Loot Safes (Green), Cappy and Bottle (Red) Tunnel of Love: Decoration Hearts…

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BIG FPS Boost for Fallout 76

Changes Some Particles And Fog In The Game, Retains Quality Yet Boosts Fps By At Least 15-20, Let Me Know How It Works Out For You In The Comments. If you remember the enemies ESP mod I posted earlier, which was removed for being considered cheating, please know I put it on my Patreon I…

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