The R91

The R91 for Fallout 76

Handmade Replacement with custom models. Replaces the handmade with the unused r91, with custom-made models for each attachment. Attachments: 3 Barrel lengths 3 Different Mags 3 Stocks/Grips 1 Reflex sight 1 Scope

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Nuka World ON Tour-Glow

Nuka World ON Tour-Glow for Fallout 76

Add glow to some of the Event items for Nuka World On Tour PTS-Possible Spoilers Requires: PTS at this time will be part of base game later Add glow to some items needed for the Nuka World On Tour events. Items: Most Wanted: Loot Safes (Green), Cappy and Bottle (Red) Tunnel of Love: Decoration Hearts…

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BIG FPS Boost for Fallout 76

Changes Some Particles And Fog In The Game, Retains Quality Yet Boosts Fps By At Least 15-20, Let Me Know How It Works Out For You In The Comments. If you remember the enemies ESP mod I posted earlier, which was removed for being considered cheating, please know I put it on my Patreon I…

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Junkyard Fuzzy Chainsaw Re-Skin

Junkyard Fuzzy Chainsaw Re-Skin for Fallout 76

Nothing inspires more fear and awe than what a boring raider with a tack welder and an engineering degree designs while tripping on Psychotats. This delightfully mod aims to add some Mr.Fuzzy brand terror to the wasteland! Giggle along with Mr. Fuzzy as you rip your foes limb from limb! Known Limitations And Issues: 1}…

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Short Names

Short Names for Fallout 76

This mod shortens the gear name with abbreviations and removes unneeded info. This mod contains a strings folder that can be put in your Fallout 76 Data directory. Modifiers such as ultra-light and buttressed are removed from the name and some names are abbreviated for example Left Leg is LL. The different types of scout…

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Easy To Find Pitt Steel Stacks

Easy To Find Pitt Steel Stacks for Fallout 76

Ever had trouble finding steel stacks for Union Dues expedition? Need a giant space laser to point out where they are? Well then this mod if for you! Replaces the steel stack collectable item with an ultracite battery with an orbital beam coming out the top. You can collect the steel at the base of…

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Star Wars Blueprint Chalk Board Retexture

Star Wars Blueprint Chalk Board Retexture for Fallout 76

just a small retexture of the chalk boards as I thought the looked slightly boring I thought the default chalk boards looked a little boring along side all my modded painting and signs so I thought I’d change it up a bit with some Star Wars blueprints I found online and I threw in a…

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