Mountain Scout Uniform

Mountain Scout Uniform for Fallout 76

Replaces Vault Survivor Outfit and Hood with Mountain Scout Uniform and Goggles. If you started playing Fallout 76 after the release of Wastelanders you’re missing out on two very cool pieces of apparel, the Mountain Scout Uniform and Mountain Scout Goggles; which I now bring to you. Using this mod requires obtaining a high rank…


Event Notifications

Event Notifications for Fallout 76

Features: Displays new world event notifications on the HUD as they become available. Installation Guide MANUAL INSTALLATION: Extract the EventNotifications.ba2 file to your Fallout 76 Data folder (default: C:Program Files (x86)Bethesda.net LaunchergamesFallout76Data) Navigate to your Fallout 76 settings folder in “My Games” (default: %USERPROFILE%DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76) If this is your first mod, extract the optional…


Improved Health Bars

Improved Health Bars for Fallout 76

Adds a visual segmentation to the health bar as well as an HP percentage indicator to better manage health-based mutations, perks, and armor effects. Features Visual indication of 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% marks of the health bar. Adds an indicator to the health bar which displays your current HP percentage. Installation Guide MANUAL INSTALLATION:…


Fanfare Free

Fanfare Free for Fallout 76

Free yourself from the annoying in-game popup fanfare that covers your screen. Annoyed by big fanfare popups in the middle of your screen when you are in the middle of combat? This mod will let you select which popups to hide, removing all distractions as you lay waste to Super Mutants, Snallygasters, and Scorchbeasts alike!…


Ridders Fonts Reloaded

Ridders Fonts Reloaded for Fallout 76

This is the second modification that I have posted here. I do not like the default font and simply wanted to change it. Also, please be sure to consider joining the tiny discord for more direct communication should any issue arise, remember; This is a BETA. Lastly, please consider to assist with the further development…


Appalachian Alpines

Appalachian Alpines for Fallout 76

From the makers of Commonwealth Conifers comes Appalachian Alpines! This mod covers the Forest and Savage Divide regions changing the grass and in the Divide the red pines, to a more greener and summer feel. Enjoy!


Champion Of The Crater

Champion Of The Crater for Fallout 76

Texture mod for Drifter Outfit, Centurion helmet, and Caged Armor mod by DeathWrench. Added glow effect to helmet and armor. Raider faction is my favorite faction in Fallout but their fashion is… well, just needs more touch. Centurion Helmet has symbol of Crater. Also has “don’t attack” raider symbol and 76 written on helmet that…