Popcorn – POP UP Corn

Popcorn – POP UP Corn for Fallout 76

Corn placed in your camp retreats underground when harvested! Only see the corn that can be harvested. Super simple mod, when you harvest corn in your camp – it goes away and when it’s ready to harvest again – it POPS back up!

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Handmade R-91 Assault Rifle

Handmade R-91 Assault Rifle for Fallout 76

Replaces handmade with unreleased R91 assault rifle skin. Also replaces sounds for firing and reloading. So, full disclosure, i spent three hours putting this thing together, sound design and all… Only to check nexus as soon as i finish it, and see someone did one like it two years ago. I’m not trying to steal…

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AID ESP for Fallout 76

Shows spinning “Aid” signs above aid items, has both obvious and less obvious versions. I’ve been cranking out a bunch of esp mods and i plan to keep on truckin’. This one does all aid items that spawn in the world, including a big double-decker one, and a smaller one that’s a quarter of the…

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Data Mined Hunting Rifle

Data Mined Hunting Rifle for Fallout 76

Data mined one of the upcoming hunting rifle skins, it’s a Lil Nuka cola one. A reskin of the hunting rifle to be one of the upcoming skins in the new update. Looks pretty neat.

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Tower With A View

Tower With A View for Fallout 76

Removes the broken glass from the Firewatch Tower prefab This modifies the Firewatch Tower to remove the broken glass from the windows, giving you a somewhat of a view Note This is purely a visual change, the initial collision is still there, so there are no running wires out through the windows. Not sure if…

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Tweaked Pipe Rifle Textures

Tweaked Pipe Rifle Textures for Fallout 76

Makes pipe weapons not as gross looking. Desaturates and tweaks the textures for the pipe weapons to make them look not as… worn out, like they’ve been sitting in the sun for the last twenty years and instead around five or so. I’m not a rust expert Now they might actually survive a few shots…

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G.P.S. (Glowing Pitt Stuff)

G.P.S. (Glowing Pitt Stuff) for Fallout 76

Glowing Pitt Stuff is a lightweight mod that aims to overhaul the textures on important assets used in The Pitt Expeditions, to make them stand out while not giving them obnoxiously huge models. Motivation: When the Expeditions update was released, I realized that some of the optional objectives (Namely the Foundry Steel one) are really…

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Scuffed Treasure Hunter ESP

Scuffed Treasure Hunter ESP for Fallout 76

Makes it much easier to find Treasure Hunters Installation 1. Extract ScuffedTreasureHunterESP.ba2 to your Fallout76/Data folder. 2. Check whether you’ve got the Fallout76Custom.ini file under Documents/My Games/Fallout 76 folder, and if not, create it. 2a. If you’ve just created the .ini file, you need to open it and input this string in it: [Archive] 3….

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Glowing Meatpiles

Glowing Meatpiles for Fallout 76

This MOD makes Meat Piles glow 1 of 4 colours and 2 different glow types. I found while I was doing a nuke event that I could not find the bodies of the legendary enemies I had killed as they had all turned into Meat Piles. Meat Piles are almost impossible to see during the…

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Optimum Reshade

Optimum Reshade for Fallout 76

OPTIMUM RESHADE – Fallout 76 Improves the visual appearance, makes the game a little less colorful. Lighter and less blurry, eliminating the washing effect. More apocalyptic. LOVE IT. My preset is personal and I want to share it. You will notice that the game becomes a bit colorless but that is in line with the…

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