Glowing Meatpiles

Glowing Meatpiles for Fallout 76

This MOD makes Meat Piles glow 1 of 4 colours and 2 different glow types. I found while I was doing a nuke event that I could not find the bodies of the legendary enemies I had killed as they had all turned into Meat Piles. Meat Piles are almost impossible to see during the…


Optimum Reshade

Optimum Reshade for Fallout 76

OPTIMUM RESHADE – Fallout 76 Improves the visual appearance, makes the game a little less colorful. Lighter and less blurry, eliminating the washing effect. More apocalyptic. LOVE IT. My preset is personal and I want to share it. You will notice that the game becomes a bit colorless but that is in line with the…


Better Inventory

Better Inventory for Fallout 76

Save your sanity trying to survive! Filter your AID tab for Food and Water, see the combined weight of item stacks, and view your inventory weight for each tab so you know which category is weighing you down. Better Inventory Always over-encumbered but don’t know where your weight is coming from? Dying of hunger/thirst because…


(Rgemi) Reddeys Glowing And Emissive Mentat Ingredients

(Rgemi) Reddeys Glowing And Emissive Mentat Ingredients for Fallout 76

RGEMI aims to replace ingredients for mentats and berry mentats (Different mentat ingredients planned out for future updates) with more visible models that glow in the dark. Motivation: Due to the fact that there is only 1 other mod that replaces mentat ingredients for higher visibility, i alongside riddER_ have decided to make our own,…


Assaultron Outfit

Assaultron Outfit for Fallout 76

This mod replaces an outfit with an assaultron body/head, allowing you to cosplay everyone’s favorite line of robots. The outfit that is replaced depends on the download file used, the options being the BOS spec op outfit and/or the chinese stealth outfit, however more outfits may be added later. Notes: I’m not experienced in modding,…


Acab76_A Christmas After Blast_Holiday Scorched

Acab76_A Christmas After Blast_Holiday Scorched for Fallout 76

Makes the holiday scorched (for christmas) easy to spot from afar with an unique look-alike. Changes Added By ACAB.76 To The Holiday Scorched For Christmas : ✔ Blue suit texture changed to a similar golden one with more reflection ✔ Ultracite cristals added to the body parts of the models, with an emissive alpha channel…


Hoverboy’s Super Ultrawide HUD FIX

Hoverboy’s Super Ultrawide HUD FIX for Fallout 76

It’s not pretty, but it works. A mod to move the Server Join, Player Joined Team, and Challenge notifications off screen after they pop up when running @ 5120×1440. NOTE: I have only tested this on my rig while playing the PC Game Pass version. I have no idea if this will work for/with the…