Thanksgiving Furniture Fancy Retexture for Fallout76

Thanksgiving Furniture Fancy Retexture for Fallout 76
Thanksgiving Furniture Fancy Retexture for Fallout76


Fancy HD retexture for thanksgiving display, table, and chairs to complement my previous “fancy” retexture mods.

This mod is a revamp of Thanksgiving display, Thanksgiving Feast Table, and Chairs (from the Atomic Shop, available until November 17th, 2020) in one bundle! All furniture features a dark wood scheme to fit perfectly alongside my other fancy furniture retextures like Fancier Fancy Furniture and Fancier Fancy Bed

1. Extract the ba2 files to your Fallout76 Data folder.
2. Add sResourceArchive2List = FancyTG.ba2 line to the [Archive] section of your Fallout76Custom.ini OR just “, FancyTG.ba2” to the end of this line if you already have it in your .ini file. (For each file you extracted of course)

Note: Only you will see this retexture in your game, other players will still see Thanksgiving furniture textures they have in their game, so it’s just for your own aesthetic pleasure and screenshotting purposes.

1. Remove FancyTG.ba2 file from your Fallout76 Data folder
2. Remove “, FancyTG.ba2” from sResourceArchive2List string of your Fallout76Custom.ini file

Author: Rigell

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