Download Lupit’s Advanced BA2 Multitool Lite Fallout 76 Mod

Lupit’s Advanced BA2 Multitool Lite for Fallout 76
Lupit’s Advanced BA2 Multitool Lite for Fallout76

This is a few bits and pieces of my bigger multitool mod, so you can get a little taste of the stuff it offers.

This Includes:
RepairAnything, allowing you to repair things like the captain’s hat with repair kits, there was an old version of this that would do the same, but doesn’t allow crafting quantities. Mine does.

PlayerESP, a few have been done, but i never liked the big box, so i opted for simpler arrows.

InstantPowerArmor, allows you to instantly enter and exit power armor, there’s one that speeds up the animation, mine removes it.

LegendaryESP, been done before, same as player ESP, i just opted for the simple arrows again.

NoDoors, which has also been done before, mine just adds more doors to the mix.

SealthBoySmoke, allows you to catch players who try and sneak up on you with a stealthboy.

NoStagger, which removes all stagger effects from falling, getting hit, or earl’s scream.

The rest of these mods you can find on my Patreon, which i will not link due to guideline breaching, such as NoSpinup, which removes the fire delay from all heavy guns, nocollide for both roofs and walls, or separate. Which allows you to walk through all player built walls and roofs, NoSiloElevatorHatch, which allows you to jump through the entire nuke silo and get to the launch room in seconds. And few more. Lots more coming in the future.

Author: Lupit

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