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Fallout76 Bunnytron Redux mod
Bunnytron Redux for Fallout76

I still have no shame left in me, and after the announcement of Adelaide I knew I had to come back to this mod. Will the original was a delight, it also was built like my “Junkyard” kitbash series of mods IE: it was just models clipped together until it looked good enough. But… fuck that noise! So, here is a mod to doll up those Sultry Assaultron’s that litter Appalachia…. Reworked from the ground up to be 99% better, with bonus content!

This Mod Adds:

  • Custom Auto Color Matching Bunny Ears to Every instance of the Assaultron* in the Game… including the Player Helmet and Weapon
  • A Custom Set of Decals to all Assaultrons* “inspired” by artwork from Imadeej [Note: Artist Profile is NSFW] A Custom Auto Color Matching Bunny Tail Plug to the Exhaust Port of Every Assaultron* in the Game [Blame Bethesda for the Exhaust Port Texture] Reworked Assaultron* Feet Model, Converting them from Wedges to Heels
  • Multiple Easter Eggs [Get it… haha… ah]

As a added bonus, I have included [and may or may not work on more] bonus “Add-on Packs” to introduce new content. Currently the only pack available is a throwback to the original mod: a red neon thigh tattoo.

Note: for those who dislike my Easter Eggs or might only want the Assaultron Player Helmet Edits ect. I have included stand alone versions of each part of the complete edition excluding the Easter Eggs.

Author: Commanderbass

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