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Always Raised Weapons for Fallout 76
Always Raised Weapons for Fallout76

Personally, it always feels kinda jarring to me when I’m in an interior with tight corridors and every time I turn around my character is repeatedly raising and lowering their weapon. I made this mod because I don’t particularly care for the immersion or realism aspect, and I much prefer the classic FPS style of always having your weapon ready.

With this mod, your character will no longer lower their weapon if they are able to fire, such as while directly against something or pointing at a friendly. As such, your weapon will still be lowered while sprinting, as you can’t shoot and sprint at the same time.

Note: Being separate animations, this mod will work with my other animation mod, Quick Draw 76.

To install, first create a “Fallout76Custom.ini” in the following directory (if you don’t already have one):
C:UsersUsernameDocumentsMy GamesFallout 76

Then, put the following lines in the Fallout76Custom.ini:

[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = AlwaysRaisedWeapons.ba2,

Or, If You Have Multiple Mods:
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = ExampleMod1.ba2, ExampleMod2.ba2, AlwaysRaisedWeapons.ba2,

then, simply place “AlwaysRaisedWeapons.ba2” in your Fallout 76 data directory, which by default is: LaunchergamesFallout76Data

or, if you have the game on Steam:

Author: LolzMan1325

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