HD Posters And Poster Frames for Fallout76

HD Posters And Poster Frames for Fallout 76
HD Posters And Poster Frames for Fallout76

Tired Of Gritty And Damaged Look Of Your Lighted Poster Frames? Here’s A Clean Metal Version For You. With High Resolution Posters Too!

This is a simple high-def retexture for lighted poster frames and posters you can build in your c.a.m.p.

1. Extract the ba2 file to your Fallout76 Data folder.
2. Add The Following Line To The [Archive] Section Of Your Fallout76Custom.ini:
sResourceArchive2List = *.ba2

(* is the name of file you just extracted)
If you already have the string that begins with “sResourceArchive2List” in your Fallout76Custom.ini file, then just add “, *.ba2” to the end of that string (without the quotes) for each file you extracted.

Note: Only you will see this retexture in your game, other players will still see the textures they have in their game. So it’s just for your own aesthetic pleasure and screenshotting purposes.

1. Remove *.ba2 files from your Fallout76 Data folder (where * is filename of my mod’s ba2 archive, ofc)
2. Remove all corresponding “, *.ba2” from sResourceArchive2List string of your Fallout76Custom.ini file

Author: Rigell

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