LOW Contrast And Framerate Limiter Reshade Preset ENB for Fallout76

LOW Contrast And Framerate Limiter Reshade Preset for Fallout 76
LOW Contrast And Framerate Limiter Reshade Preset for Fallout76


Mitigates high contrast when using enlighten = 0
Framerate limiter for people with HZ above 60

I use
enlighten = 0
in falloutprefs.ini
This is equivalent to: Disabling character lights and Fixing a lighting bug
It unfortunately also makes shadows really dark, and everything else really bright.
Sick of being unable to see, I made this low contrast Reshade preset. This might be ugly to most, but…

Reshade Also Has A Framerate Limiter That I Didn’t Know About. So People With High Fps Can Set This In Falloutprefs.ini:
And Still Cap FPS To Whatever Hz Their Monitor Is:

These are my shadow settings (fixes floating shadows and mitigates striping) replace values in falloutprefs.ini

✔ Download reshade
✔ If you’re using SFE either rename the dxgi.dll to something else or delete it for now and reinstall afterwards.
✔ run the Reshade Setup exe
✔ Browse for Fallout76.exe
✔ Select Direct3D 10/11/12
✔ At the bottom left, click Uncheck All, then Check All and then click OK and wait for the setup to finish.
✔ Rename Reshade’s dxgi.dll to d3d9.dll or d3d10.dll or d3d11.dll
✔ Rename SFE’s dxgi.dll back if you did that, or reinstall it.
✔ After you’ve done all that, drag and drop DWLowContrast.ini contained within this mod’s zip folder to where Fallout76.exe is.
✔ Load the game and Reshade will have a tutorial, you can skip it or follow through it.
✔ Press Home and at the top select ReshadePreset
✔ Select DWLowContrast.ini And You’re Done!

Author: DeathWrench

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