G1Ew’s Reshade ENB for Fallout76

G1Ew’s Reshade for Fallout 76
G1Ew’s Reshade for Fallout76

An ENB/Reshade that removes the over-saturated blue ambient light and darkens shadows slightly without impacting performance.

Installing Reshade 4.9.1:
Download Reshade from https://reshade.me
Run the program and select your Fallout76.exe if it does not detect your game automatically
Select d3d9/10/11 and let Reshade install dxgi.dll

(For compatibility with chatmod, rename the dxgi.dll created by Reshade to d3d11.dll)

Place G1ew.ini anywhere you’d like, just remember the location.
While in game press “Home” to open Reshade’s configuration.
Click the wide bar at the top of the configuration and navigate to where you saved G1ew.ini
Select G1ew.ini and enjoy

Author: Kymaticus

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Download mod

G1ew.ini-1151-1-0-1628595777.zip (2 KB)
Safe to download: Check 

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