More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options for SIMS4

More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options for The Sims 4
More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options for Sims 4

Hello, everybody! If you’ve ever played Off-The-Grid in The Sims 4, you must have noticed that most of the recipes we’re used to seeing are not available with this lot challenge on. It was a big annoyance for me, and I couldn’t find any fixes so I tried something myself, although I’m a complete beginner. This mod allows you to cook more Base Game recipes, including cakes! Now there is no need to travel to a lot with power when you want to bake your sim a simple birthday cake.

The recipes appear when you click on the stove and choose ‘Cook Off-The-Grid’
It works with off-the-grid group cooking too, also by clicking on the stove.

So far I’ve only added base game homestyle cooking recipes, but I plan to update it with more foods in the future, including pack-specific ones.

How to Install
Place the package files in your mods folder
The main file is necessary for the mod to work
Download the other files too only if you own the packs they require

Recipes Currently Included:
Apple Pie
Blackened Bass
BLT (& Faux)
Blue Cake
Strawberry Cake
White Cake
Chocolate Cake
Taco Casserole (& Vegetarian)
Tuna Casserole (& Tofu Casserole)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Crown Roast
Eggs and Toast (medium and large)
French Toast
Grilled Cheese (medium and large)
Mac and Cheese
Palak Paneer
Pan de Muerto
Pão de Queijo
Rice Cake
Roast Chicken (&Tofu)
Scrambled Eggs
Spaghetti (kind of)
TeokGuk (single)
Steamed Fish
Zaatar Manaeesh

Compatibility & Conflicts
This mod overrides the following and will conflict with any mods that override the same tuning:


This is the first mod I’m posting here and I’m very open to feedback! If you find any problems let me know!

There were also some recipes that didn’t work so I couldn’t add them. If anybody is willing to help me figure them out, I’ll list them down below:
Butter Chicken (& Vegetarian)
Chicken Stir Fry (& Vegetarian)
Chilli (& Vegetarian)
Fish Tacos
Mud Carp
Mince Pork Noodles
Pancakes (why )
Pan Fried Tilapia

Author: florisbelina



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