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Vampires – Mega Mod

Vampires – Mega Mod for The Sims 4

Ever wanted to throw a party for your whole vampire household and invited one or 2 sims over to drink from? Then you know the pain if you have more then 2 vampires who are hungry and cannot feed on that invited sim, because he/she was already bitten and drained from their plasma. Well this…


Guischilling19’s Sweet FX Preset

Guischilling19’s Sweet FX Preset for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 seems to have a very boring coloring. A good option would be to use reshade, but it is very heavy and reduces the frame rate a lot. I particularly prefer to use Sweet FX, it is much lighter and don’t appear a lot of things on the screen weighing in the game….


Outfit Customization (OC)

Outfit Customization (OC) for The Sims 4

Customize the Outfit of your Sim without going into CAS. Features: Customize clothing pieces/accessories your Sim is wearing without going into CAS (All Ages) Put on or Take off clothing items on the fly Example: Put On/Take Off Glasses without hassle! (This mod does not come with glasses, get your own!) OC does not come…


Stand Still In CAS

Stand Still In CAS for The Sims 4

This mod is updated to V3 for the 1.17.7 patch. This mod is remade as V2 with the voice pitch slider issue fixed; sims now move and speak when using the slider. Also when randomizing to get a new sim, the sim is moving and speaking as in vanilla game, unlike the first version of…


HQ Compatible Eyes, Eyebrows, Makeup

HQ Compatible Eyes, Eyebrows, Makeup for The Sims 4

Do you use the HQ Mod? Since June 3, are your sims wearing a skin suit? Are their eyes all basic brown with no way to change them? Are their eyebrows missing? These default replacements should help fix that! With the June 3 patch EA changed the way it uses textures for eyecolors, eyebrows, and…


Fully Waterproof Servos

Fully Waterproof Servos for The Sims 4

Tired of your servos breaking down every time they touch a single drop of water? Then This Mod Is For You! This mod makes servos immune to the negative effects of direct contact with water. This is my first mod! Please report bugs if you find any! Works On: ✅ Bath tubs ✅ Hot tubs…


NO Autonomous Drinks

NO Autonomous Drinks for The Sims 4

UPDATE This mod is updated for the lastest version (jun. 2020 – COMPATIBILITY This mod is compatible with the base game and all DLC’s. This mod stops the autonomy of the sims to make drinks (water, coffee, tea and espresso). And also stop giving randoms drinks to toddlers. INSTALLATION Unpack the .package file(s) into…


NO Time Capsules Without A Treasure Map

NO Time Capsules Without A Treasure Map for The Sims 4

Are you tired of your Sims constantly digging up Time Capsules filled with MySims trophies (and the occasional voodoo doll) when what you were actually looking for were rocks or crystals? I know I am. How many Sims have buried these blasted things anyway? I recently went back to playing my Scientist Sim and was…


Faster University Graduation

Faster University Graduation for The Sims 4

I was really surprised when I get an the Discover University and my sim, who was also a member of the football team, had to spend at least 3 weeks having 4 classes a week and play football several times a week and that was quite uncomfortable to play. Later, I accidentaly failed one of…