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Harpsichord Skill

Harpsichord Skill for Sims 4

This new mod adds a harpsichord skill, with custom like and dislike, and the ability to write and license songs! Your Sims can now learn Sonatas, Preludes and Fugues, Suites, or other Short Pieces. One low-poly object included 5 swatches and custom audio files for every stage of this 10-level skill. Level Unlocks: Level 1…

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Dueling Scars

Dueling Scars for Sims 4

This mod adds an occasional random facial scar to the loser of a fight as a reminder of the consequences of not using their words. The assignment of a scar and whether that scar is permanent are randomly assigned. Nothing is set to 100%. The scar is randomly added to the outcome of any fight….

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Meatwalls for All

Meatwalls for All for Sims 4

The Eco Lifestyle pack has a vertical garden object that allows you to grow plants in small spaces. Locked behind the Civil Design career is the ability to convert the vertical garden to grow a plant-based meat alternative. This mod makes the meat wall available to anyone. Now everyone can enjoy having their own Meatwall!…

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Profitable Handiness

Profitable Handiness for Sims 4

Sell upgradable household items such, as large and small appliances, electronics, and even plumbing for a profit! Quit your day job and live a handy life! A Sell option is available on any eligible item that has at least one upgrade installed. More upgrades mean more profit! This option will not be visible if the…

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Practice Handiness

Practice Handiness for Sims 4

Now your teen and older aspiring woodworkers can practice making either a sculpture or a bar stool for the experience! Select the woodworking table and a new option “Practice” will appear. Careful practice builds skill just like building yet another dining table but for only 1 Simoleon! Your Sim can practice on lower-quality wood before…

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Inventory Upgraded: Grab A Bottle

Inventory Upgraded: Grab A Bottle for Sims 4

This mod will Fizz bottles, cans, and jars that can be placed into a Sim’s inventory one at a time from packs. This feature is Based on the function of “Pick Up Serving” for large Plates. There are two different versions of the file, so use only one according to your play style. FizzGrab_intoInventory No…

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Recipe Notebook

Recipe Notebook for Sims 4

Adds a new section to the sims Notebook to keep track of learned/unlocked food recipes. Do you know that there are 27 City Living recipes that your sim can unlock by eating them once? I always had a hard time keeping track of them, especially when playing with multiple sims or switching households. Now I…

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Random Showers

Random Showers for Sims 4

This mod makes every shower your sim takes have a random chance of applying a buff, instead of letting you choose which buff you want by taking different types of showers- because I like my game to be harder than normal, and I don’t think it makes a lot of sense that I can just…

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