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Break UP Whim / Want FIX

Break UP Whim / Want FIX for Sims 4

With this mod, Sims will NOT get a break-up whim unless their romance score is less than -10. Maxis coders made a mistake in their work, so sims who do not have family-oriented traits will soon or later get break up whim if they are in a relationship for a long time, even when the…

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Werewolf Dimorphism Mod

Werewolf Dimorphism Mod for The Sims 4

Personally I prefer to be able to see some difference between male and female werewolves, so I did this for visible werewolf sexual dimorphism. This mod gives female werewolves a more feminine shape. The bust is fairly subtle in the nude werewolf, and tends to disappear in female clothing. I haven’t been able to find…

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MY Version Of Zero’s University Costs More Mod

MY Version Of Zero’s University Costs More Mod for The Sims 4

This is a simple tuning mod that increases the cost of university classes. I really liked the idea behind zero’s mod, but their custom prices were higher than what I wanted in my game. Thankfully, they provided some helpful instructions and pics of how to modify this to your own preferences. I followed those and…

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Immortal Spellcaster, NO Aging Anymore

Immortal Spellcaster, NO Aging Anymore for The Sims 4

Annoyed by the fact that your Immortal Spellcaster either dies anyway or gets old and lives if they got lucky? This changes to the Immortal Spellcaster trait prevents your Spellcaster from ageing after reaching the age Young Adult. Nothing big, but at least you can keep your favourite Spellcaster around as long as you wish….

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Stop Howling In CAS

Stop Howling In CAS for The Sims 4

Are you tired of your lycanthrope not stopping howling in the CAS preventing you from editing it? Well, this simple mod replaces the CAS howl animation with an empty animation, so it basically skips the howl. | UPDATE: The Howl is replaced with the default Male & Female CAS idle animations If you’re updating from…

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More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options

More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options for The Sims 4

Hello, everybody! If you’ve ever played Off-The-Grid in The Sims 4, you must have noticed that most of the recipes we’re used to seeing are not available with this lot challenge on. It was a big annoyance for me, and I couldn’t find any fixes so I tried something myself, although I’m a complete beginner….

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Lowered Towel

Lowered Towel for The Sims 4

Sims 4 Towel outfit always bothered me. The waist was so high! So, I lowered it. There is two versions: One that replaces the original file and one that let you have both styles. Both are in the rar file. Choose only one, or you’ll get too copies of the same lowered towel.

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SIM Services

SIM Services for The Sims 4

The Sim City Department of Sim Services provides shelters for homeless Sims, homes for youth who have no guardian, aide for needy Sims, and aide for elderly Sims. If you know of Sims in need, please let them know that they should contact our office ASAP. What’s Included: This mod contains 2 “Careers” for Sims…

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Frog Breeding Skill

Frog Breeding Skill for The Sims 4

“Why?” Well, for once, this was kinda requested, if by requested you mean I took someone’s indirect request, did it, then got a bit carried away and made a completely different mod separate from what they were looking for in the first place. In case anyone’s wondering, I started by trying to remove or shorten…

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Vampires – Mega Mod

Vampires – Mega Mod for The Sims 4

Ever wanted to throw a party for your whole vampire household and invited one or 2 sims over to drink from? Then you know the pain if you have more then 2 vampires who are hungry and cannot feed on that invited sim, because he/she was already bitten and drained from their plasma. Well this…

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