Sims 4 Career Mods and CC

The Sims 4 offers a lot of different career opportunities for the player to choose from. Some of these careers are not available in the original game and they can be added with mods. Check out our list of the absolute best Sims 4 career mods to download. Your Sims will never be the same!

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Fashion & Modelling Career

Fashion & Modelling Career for Sims 4

Hey! Here’s another custom rabbit hole career (not playable like in GTW) career for your sims! My version contains 3 tracks each with 4 levels. The salaries are more realistic compared to base game careers too. Fashion Design requires you to gain skills in Charisma and Painting Modeling requires skills in Charisma and Fitness Fashion…

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Granite Falls Park Employee

Granite Falls Park Employee for Sims 4

This is a basic career mod for YA, Adult, and Elder sims. I always thought we should have gotten something like this with Outdoor Retreat. Since we did not, I made this for one of my legacy sims that love the outdoors and thought it was worth sharing. This is a 7 step career starting…

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Astronomy Club After-School Activity

Astronomy Club After-School Activity for Sims 4

This is a simple after-school activity mod for children and teenage sims. I made it for one of my legacy sims that loves astronomy and decided it was decent enough to share. There are three levels – Novice Member (default), Junior Member, and Senior Member. Club meetings are on M W F from 3:15 to…

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Cooking Club Afterschool Activity

Cooking Club Afterschool Activity for Sims 4

Hello everyone! I have seen so many afterschool activities made out there but none of them included cooking?! My chef sims were sad, especially the children. Someone, please think of the children! So I made this cooking club after-school activity. It is actually an afterschool activity, found under that category, so you need the Get…

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Health & Medical Administration Career

Health & Medical Administration Career for The Sims 4

Your sim(s) has chosen a diverse field to work! Health & Medical administration prepares Sims to develop, plan and or manage health care operation services with health related fields. Examples are: Hospitals, Clinics, nursing homes, Insurance companies and more! Languages Available* English, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. DISCLAIMER* You must have the Neia_Careers_Common in the…

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Titan Military (Attack ON Titan Career)

Titan Military (Attack ON Titan Career) for The Sims 4

A mod that allows any young adult-elder Sim to join the military as shown in the Attack on Titan series (Scouts, Garrison Regiment, Military Police.). I haven’t seen anyone make this career yet, so I thought I should upload it for anyone who might be interested. It is an Attack on Titan-inspired career that allows…

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For The Alliance Custom Career

For The Alliance Custom Career for The Sims 4

For The Alliance is a 9 rank Career with 2 (3) Branches suitable for base game and beyond. I created this upon request to go along side my For The Horde Career Path so the RP descriptions may be lacking as it isn’t my primary faction. All images used are my personal screenshots for originality…

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Private Investigator Career

Private Investigator Career for The Sims 4

With this mod, your Sims can join the Private Investigator Career! This is a “Rabbit Hole” career. Your Sims will leave for work but you will not follow them. If you have ever spent hours in front of the TV watching reruns of police dramas, well then, hey! This is your career! Being a Private…

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Grocery Store Clerk (Part-Time) Career

Grocery Store Clerk (Part-Time) Career for The Sims 4

Do you eat? Well then, you can do this job. We will start you out working with fruits and vegetables, but if you do good work you can be promoted quickly! Apply today at Brindleton Bay Market. Available for: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder sims. This career has been adapted from Sims 3 and…

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