Best Sims 4 Career Mods

The Sims 4 offers a lot of different career opportunities for the player to choose from. Some of these careers are not available in the original game and they can be added with mods. Check out our list of the absolute best Sims 4 career mods to download. Your Sims will never be the same!

Health & Medical Administration Career

Health & Medical Administration Career for The Sims 4

Your sim(s) has chosen a diverse field to work! Health & Medical administration prepares Sims to develop, plan and or manage health care operation services with health related fields. Examples are: Hospitals, Clinics, nursing homes, Insurance companies and more! Languages Available* English, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. DISCLAIMER* You must have the Neia_Careers_Common in the…

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Titan Military (Attack ON Titan Career)

Titan Military (Attack ON Titan Career) for The Sims 4

A mod that allows any young adult-elder Sim to join the military as shown in the Attack on Titan series (Scouts, Garrison Regiment, Military Police.). I haven’t seen anyone make this career yet, so I thought I should upload it for anyone who might be interested. It is an Attack on Titan-inspired career that allows…

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For The Alliance Custom Career

For The Alliance Custom Career for The Sims 4

For The Alliance is a 9 rank Career with 2 (3) Branches suitable for base game and beyond. I created this upon request to go along side my For The Horde Career Path so the RP descriptions may be lacking as it isn’t my primary faction. All images used are my personal screenshots for originality…

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Vendor Career (Rubi’s “Work From Home” Career Mods)

Vendor Career (Rubi’s “Work From Home” Career Mods) for The Sims 4

Hello Simmers! I have coded 3 different (Work from Home) careers for you: Barista, Barkeeper and Vendor! You will execute the serving missions to get promoted in your career and gain Simoleons per order with the new careers that let you work from home. Moreover, among these “work from home missions”, there are some brand…

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Private Investigator Career

Private Investigator Career for The Sims 4

With this mod, your Sims can join the Private Investigator Career! This is a “Rabbit Hole” career. Your Sims will leave for work but you will not follow them. If you have ever spent hours in front of the TV watching reruns of police dramas, well then, hey! This is your career! Being a Private…

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Grocery Store Clerk (Part-Time) Career

Grocery Store Clerk (Part-Time) Career for The Sims 4

Do you eat? Well then, you can do this job. We will start you out working with fruits and vegetables, but if you do good work you can be promoted quickly! Apply today at Brindleton Bay Market. Available for: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder sims. This career has been adapted from Sims 3 and…

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Night Nurse Career

Night Nurse Career for The Sims 4

Everybody wants to save lives but not everyone is available during the day. The Night Nurse role is for all those who need a job outside of those standard working hours. Make sure to not put .ts4script files more than one folder deep in your mods folder or the career won’t appear in game and…

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Night-Time Legal Secretary Career

Night-Time Legal Secretary Career for The Sims 4

Are you a night owl? A vampire in need of a job? Or maybe you just rather work alone, either way Pancakes & Associates may just have the position for you! Your responsibilities will include filing away paperwork, setting up meeting rooms for the next day and answering the phone to clients who don’t realise…

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Active Honey Trap Career

Active Honey Trap Career for The Sims 4

This is an Active career where you will be taken to sims houses or various locations when your shift starts with the mission of seducing your ‘target’, who is in a relationship or married. This is a work in progress so i have not done much with the objectives yet , but was keen to…

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Entrepreneur Career

Entrepreneur Career for The Sims 4

I decided to make this career mod after stumbling upon this career for the sims 3 by PSDuckie. Most of the credit goes to PSDuckie as most of this mod is exactly the same just slightly modified. This is a very basic version of this mod and uploading it was more to test the waters…

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