Best Sims 4 House / Lots mods

Get the best Sims 4 house / lots and explore the endless possibilities for your game. Download all your favorite The Sims 4 house / lots mods in a free, easy-to-use website. We know what you want and we're going to give it to you!


Oregon for The Sims 4

Requirements: EP Get to Work Get Together City Living Cats and Dogs Seasons Road to Fame GP Spa Day Dine Out Parenthood Jungle Adventures Outdoor Retreat SP Backyard Stuff Perfect Patio Stuff Fitness Stuff Laundry Day Stuff Glamour Vintage Stuff Cool Kitchen Stuff Romantic Garden Stuff Notes: ✔ The bb.moveobjects cheat needs to be previously…


Buddha’s Knee (CC Free!)

Buddha’s Knee (CC Free!) for The Sims 4

This is Buddha’s Knee: “This little house of Zen is ideal for anyone undertaking a spiritual quest or wishing to reach a higher plane of enlightenment. Spend a little time here and maybe you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the knee of Buddha himself!” A 30×30 lot built with no CC and only the Base…


Purple Passion

Purple Passion for The Sims 4

A gorgeous fully landscaped one-bedroom bath starter home. Unfurnished on the inside so that you can make it look how you want! Designed to go on a 20×15 lot. STUFF PACKS: My First Pet Stuff Laundry Day Stuff Toddler Stuff Fitness Stuff Bowling Night Stuff Vintage Glamour Stuff Backyard Stuff Kids Room Stuff Romantic Garden…


Cabin Of Hagrid

Cabin Of Hagrid for The Sims 4

To enjoy this cabin it is necessary to have installed the following Packs: 1)The Sims 4 Seasons 2) The Sims 4Outdoor Retreat 3)The Sims 4 Vampires 4)The Sims 4 Get Together 5)The Sims 4 Laundry Day 9)The Sims 4 StrangerVille Value: 18000 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Stories: 1 Lot Size: 20×15…


Gala Cafe

Gala Cafe for The Sims 4

Packs used EP: Cats & Dogs | City Living | Get Together | Get to Work GP: Parenthood | Dine Out | Spa Day SP: Kids Room Stuff | Perfect Patio Stuff Value: 50050 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Stories: 1 Lot Size: 30×20 Custom content: No CC used


Villa Kistisa

Villa Kistisa for The Sims 4

Villa Kistisa Luxury styles. House for your simmies. It has 3bedrooms Living room Dining room 2Bath room Bar Kitchen Hope you love this house. This lot need Get to works, Luxury party stuff, Perfect patio stuff, Get together, City living ,Cats & Dogs, Season, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Jungle Adventure, Get Famous. NoCC. Need latest patch….


Mountain House

Mountain House for The Sims 4

This cracion was made only with the Base Game and the pack of Epasion “The Sims 4 Seasons” (The Sims 4 “Get Together” was also used but only for the columns, of rest only base game and Seansons) Value: 76000 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Stories: 1 Lot Size: 20×15 Custom content:…


Moss Cottage

Moss Cottage for The Sims 4

Built on a 30×20 lot in Windenburg. No custom content was used. I do own and may have used anything from Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spa Day, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party Stuff, Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Romantic Garden, Dine Out, Kids Room Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, City Living, Vampire Game pack,…


OLD Factory – NO CC

OLD Factory – NO CC for The Sims 4

This exclusive home will satisfy all the needs of your Sims. It Contains: ✔ kitchen combined with a large living room. ✔ 4 bedrooms ✔ 3 bathrooms ✔ 2 small lounges ✔ utility room ✔ a large painting room with a seating area Outside There Is: ✔ swimming pool ✔ Grill ✔ basketball court ✔…