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Functional Bible

Functional Bible for Sims 4

I made this CC back in 2018 for my personal life household but didn’t know where to share it. So hope you like it, let me know if you come across any issues. Base game compatible Price: $45 Should not conflict with any other mod (as far as I have tested) As of now it…

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Bicycle For Kids And Toddler

Bicycle For Kids And Toddler for Sims 4

Since bike coming in the sims 4, there no bike for kids and toddler, and bike only for adult sims. So, this mod allow your kids and toddler sim can ride bike. This mod includes: ✔ Toddler Tricycle with 5 colors ✔ Toddler bike with basket with 8 colors ✔ Standart toddler bike/ no basket,…

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Wood and Resin Table Set

Wood and Resin Table Set for Sims 4

This is a set of 3 different wood and resin tables for your sims! Each table is fully functional and the resin area is slightly translucent for realism. Item specifics: Wood and resin table Polygons: 318 Resin and Wood Dining Table Polygons: 166 Wood and Resin Patio Table Polygons: 538

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McDonald’s Custom Content Set

McDonald’s Custom Content Set for Sims 4

This McDonald’s custom content set contains 9 package files with 22 objects. The menus & the drive-thru menus light up. The drive-through menus require an Ansett4Sims drive-thru menu (included). This set was a lot of fun to create, please enjoy it, and don’t forget to share this link if you include it in your builds!

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Tangerine [Harvestable Indoor Plant]

Tangerine [Harvestable Indoor Plant] for Sims 4

This indoor tangerine can be placed everywhere a decor plant can be. You can water it and harvest tangerines. When you first buy the plant you’ll see only the watering interaction and after some hours you’ll be able to collect the first patch of grown produce. Afterward, the interaction will be available once a day….

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Animated Waterwheel Pack

Animated Waterwheel Pack for Sims 4

Finally back with something new, this time a waterwheel pack. You might have already used the debug small and large waterwheels that came with the Cottage Living EP, but noticed that though they do rotate, there isn’t any water VFX attached to them. Almost the same counts for a debug waterwheel which was already added…

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