Best Sims 4 Skintones Mods

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Female Skin 21

Female Skin 21 for The Sims 4

The skin comes with its own colours (full coverage skin). It won’t adapt to the basegame skin colours! Previews were taken with HQ mod and without any other makeup or skindetails, except for lashes eyeliners or 3D lashes. ✔ 47 colours ✔ HQ compatible ✔ skin detail category ✔ female only ✔ anatomically correct ✔…

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Asian Skintones 2.0 ALL AGE

Asian Skintones 2.0 ALL AGE for The Sims 4

his version is very different from our A1.0 skintone.We worked on the new skin color (more gentle), and we draw more skin detail for the skin. There is special thin eyelid(it is just sooooooooo difficile to draw the two line on the right place with the limite of the game, We tryed several several times,…

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Full Body Freckles

Full Body Freckles for The Sims 4

A full body freckle pattern, works for all ages and genders. Four transparent shades to suit differant skin tones, including light brown and dark almost black. Found under; Face, Skin details (Where you usually find wrinkles and freckles).

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Afterglow Skin

Afterglow Skin for The Sims 4

Hello Again! This Is My Favourite Skin So Far That I’ve Made, As Requested I’ve Uploaded It Here For You! It’s available for all ages and genders, in the Skin Details category with a custom thumbnail – It’s for the face only, so the rest of your sims skin will be as normal ✔ Face…

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Amanda Skin

Amanda Skin for The Sims 4

This Shiny Skin comes in 10 colors with a slight Body/Face Highlight from light to dark. It is suitable for Female from Teen- Elder. You can find it in the Skin Detail category. Base Game and HQ Mod Compatible. Check Recommended Tab for used Custom Content in this Preview. Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

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