Simlish “Hellfire Club” Shirt From Stranger Things

Simlish “Hellfire Club” Shirt From Stranger Things for The Sims 4

I made a Simlish version of the Hellfire Club shirt from season 4 of Stranger Things. The adult version has a 34 sleeve like the one in the show and requires City Living, but I also wanted to make sure Lady Applejack could sport one so there’s a long-sleeved children’s version as well. All shirts…


Rowan Sports Outfit

Rowan Sports Outfit for The Sims 4

Women’s sports suit for summer. It consists of a sleeveless shirt attached to the sides with ties, combined with shorts. Samples: 40 Location: full suit. Cloning object: base of the game.


Stop Howling In CAS

Stop Howling In CAS for The Sims 4

Are you tired of your lycanthrope not stopping howling in the CAS preventing you from editing it? Well, this simple mod replaces the CAS howl animation with an empty animation, so it basically skips the howl. | UPDATE: The Howl is replaced with the default Male & Female CAS idle animations If you’re updating from…


More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options

More Off-The-Grid Recipe Options for The Sims 4

Hello, everybody! If you’ve ever played Off-The-Grid in The Sims 4, you must have noticed that most of the recipes we’re used to seeing are not available with this lot challenge on. It was a big annoyance for me, and I couldn’t find any fixes so I tried something myself, although I’m a complete beginner….


Vexed TOP

Vexed TOP for The Sims 4

A stylish and comfortable shirt + sweater combo for men. 25 swatches For teen-elder New mesh Base game compatible (no packs needed!)


SIM Services

SIM Services for The Sims 4

The Sim City Department of Sim Services provides shelters for homeless Sims, homes for youth who have no guardian, aide for needy Sims, and aide for elderly Sims. If you know of Sims in need, please let them know that they should contact our office ASAP. What’s Included: This mod contains 2 “Careers” for Sims…


Frog Breeding Skill

Frog Breeding Skill for The Sims 4

“Why?” Well, for once, this was kinda requested, if by requested you mean I took someone’s indirect request, did it, then got a bit carried away and made a completely different mod separate from what they were looking for in the first place. In case anyone’s wondering, I started by trying to remove or shorten…


The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone for The Sims 4

I converted the Philosopher’s Stone from TS3 Supernatural. Unfortunately, this version is only a decorative object and doesn’t have any magic abilities. Well, it’s still a nice decorative object.