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Perfect Poster Pack – Posters & Separate Frames

Perfect Poster Pack – Posters & Separate Frames for The Sims 4

Two poster meshes (horizontal & vertical) made for easy recoloring, with an undistorted UV map to fit a common poster aspect ratio. There are 10 landscape swatches in each package. Recolor template included. Also Includes two types of frames (metal & glass) made to be placed over my Perfect Poster mesh. Requirements: Get To Work….

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Baby Shark Custom Toddler Book

Baby Shark Custom Toddler Book for The Sims 4

Doo doo doo doo doo! A cute picture book for your sims to read to their toddlers and children. The repetitive shark illustrations sync up perfectly with the repetitive story line about a shark family trying to make friends(i.e. all of the pictures are supposed to be the same!). Ultimately this was just something I…

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Summer Cottage Marcorse

Summer Cottage Marcorse for The Sims 4

Snug little thatched cottage nestled among flowering shrubs and gardens. Found in Paintings. 2 frame options. Price : 25 Created in the base game, so everyone can access them. Custom thumbnails. All preview screenshots are taken in a live game. Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

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