Unlocked LOT Traits Update for Sims 4

Unlocked LOT Traits Update for Sims 4
Unlocked LOT Traits Update for Sims 4

I’ve seen a couple of reports that Sungwoops’ mod is outdated after the Horse Ranch release, and the creator did not visit MTS for a whole year and did not upload any updates on different platforms as far as I know. So this is an updated version of Sungwoops’ and older Dorsal Axe’s mod. It unlocks all of the locked lot traits to be freely added and removed in the lot panel and removes any venue restrictions for the traits. Please tell me if you encounter any issues.

What I did not change
I didn’t touch the hidden traits with special gameplay and venue-type traits as they can’t be modified this way. Some traits have conflicting traits indicated (same as sim traits in CAS), I did not remove them either to avoid errors due to the opposite gameplay effects. I didn’t include traits that are not locked and did not require any modification, so my version is smaller than Sungwoops’.

Base game:
Clothing Optional (zoneModifier_lotTrait_ClothingOptional)
Off The Grid (zoneModifier_lotTrait_OffTheGrid)

Cats & Dogs:
Cat Friendly (zoneModifier_PetWorld_CatFriendly)
Cat Hangout (zoneModifier_PetWorld_CatHangout)
Dog Friendly (zoneModifier_PetWorld_DogFriendly)
Dog Hang out (zoneModifier_PetWorld_DogHangout)

City Living:
Haunted (zoneModifier_con_Haunted)
Lively Neighbors (zoneModifier_con_LivelyNeighbors)
Needs TLC* (zoneModifier_con_NeedsTLC)
Pricey (zoneModifier_con_Pricey)
Cheap Rent (zoneModifier_pro_Cheap)
Great View* (zoneModifier_pro_GreatView)
Historical* (zoneModifier_pro_Historical)
Low Deposit (zoneModifier_pro_LowDeposit)
Quiet (zoneModifier_pro_Quiet)
Romantic Fireplace* (zoneModifier_pro_RomanticFireplace)

Serviced Apartment (zoneModifier_pro_ServicedApartment)

Discover University:
University Student Hang Out (zoneModifier_lotTrait_UniversityStudentHangout)

Eco Lifestyle:
Landfill Lot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_LandfillLot)

Get Famous:
Hottest Spot in Town (zoneModifier_lotTrait_CelebrityHangOut_HighFame)
Up-and-Coming Hotspot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_CelebrityHangOut_LowFame)
Celebrity Home (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_CelebrityHomeLotTrait)

Island Living:
Oceanic Paradise (zoneModifier_lotTrait_OceanicParadise)

Tiny Living:
Lighten The Load (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Bill_Decrease)
Cozy Comforts (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Comfort_Increase)
Let It Grow (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Gardening_Increase)
Feelin’ Fine All The Time (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Positive_Buff_Duration_Increase)
Let’s All Get Along (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Rel_Gain_Increase)
You Got The Touch (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Skill_Increase)

Registered Vampire Lair (zoneModifier_lotTrait_RegisteredVampireLair)

*Even though lot traits are unlocked, they will not trigger the spawning of the associated functional objects; it is recommended to use a separate mod for this, for example, LunarBritney’s Unlocked Apartment Traits & Objects (only the objects file).

Mod files and Compatibility
As always you can choose merged version or separated by pack. Make sure to delete files for the packs you don’t have.
I’ve also included a merged version compatible with LunarBritney’s Unlocked Apartment Traits & Objects as their mod includes some additional fixes and tweaks. If using this mod together with my separated version then delete my bessyCLLotTraitsUnlocked.package file.

Author: bessy

How to install this mod (Full installation guide)

  1. Download the mod (ModsHost download guide).
  2. Find the mods folder on your computer
    • Windows – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
    • Mac – /Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods
  3. Copy the downloaded file to your Mods folder
  4. Launch the game and enjoy your mod!
  5. Problems? Ask for help!
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