Ultimate Starter Save Game for RDR2

Ultimate Starter Save Game for Red Dead Redemption 2
Ultimate Starter Save Game for RDR2

An ultimate, modded starter save with almost all collectibles unlocked in advance.
And also the Legend of the East satchel is unlocked at the beginning of Chapter 2 at the Pearson butcher.

The goal of this save is to avoid doing as few main and side missions as possible. Unlock only collectibles, weapons and upgrades, challenges without blocking the progress of the game.
At the same time everything in the fair-play of the game without being abused.

Purebred Arabian horse level 4 Elite
Dinosaur Bone 29/30
Rock Carvings 9/10
Dreamcatcher 20/20

Grave 2/9
Cigarette All
Fish 29/30
For the last fish you must complete the mission “A Fisher of Fish”

Exotics 0/102
If I don’t do them it’s because in the beginning of chapter 1 and 2 the items of this quest are not available.

For the Pearson Butcher and unlocking the saddlebags made 3 campfire schematic recipes.
Give 3 valuables to the camp, then $50 and give 5 dead animals.

If you use the save from the beginning of chapter 1, go buy all the Trapper’s equipment to fix the health gauge.

Author: Duskdolf

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