Download John Marston Gang Coat RDR2 Mod

John Marston Gang Coat for Red Dead Redemption 2
John Marston Gang Coat for RDR2

This mod replaces the Shotgun Coat with John Marston’s Chapter 2 Gang Jacket. Compatible with both Arthur & John.

Requires the latest version of Rampage Trainer (v1.5.0) or Map Editor (v0.7.0).
Drag and drop provided files into your textures folder.

Known Issues
Satchel Clipping

Gunbelt Clipping
Off-Hand Holster Clipping
Light Artifacting (Most notable indoors)
Broken Alt Coloring

These issues sans the coloring cannot currently be fixed. I have only replaced one texture thus far, so the other colors are going to be broken. I am aware that the tint of this jacket is a little more worn than John’s original texturing, but it is as close as I can get while not showing heavy artifacts.

Author: QwardNaffle

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