Faithful Subtle Whitespring Carpet for FALLOUT76

Faithful Subtle Whitespring Carpet for Fallout 76
Faithful Subtle Whitespring Carpet for Fallout76


This mod replaces the obnoxious lime green carpet in the Whitespring Refuge with more subtle colouring while remaining faithful to the design of the original. Given how we’ll all be spending a lot more time at the Whitespring with the release of Expeditions, I figured it was time to release this.

Installation Instructions:
Download the main file and extract BkSpr_WhitespringsCarpet.ba2 to the Data folder in your Fallout 76 directory. (For example: steamapps/common/Fallout76/Data)
Navigate to [User Folder]/Documents/My Games/Fallout 76
Open Fallout76Custom.ini
Append “BkSpr_WhitespringsCarpet.ba2” to the end of sResourceArchive2List under [Archive], and save the file.

Author: Bucklingspring

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