The Pitt – Quest Items Glow for Fallout76

The Pitt – Quest Items Glow for Fallout 76
The Pitt – Quest Items Glow for Fallout76


Helps you find items easier and saves you time
This mod is a test version. It may be supplemented.

Place the contents of the (rar, 7z) in the data folder of Fallout 76: GameFolder —> ThePittGlow.ba2
Now go to Fallout76Custom.ini that is in x:UsersPerfilNameDocumentsMy GamesFallout 76 (if there is no Fallout76Custom.ini, then you need to create this file, or download)
Open the file, once inside put this text (only yellow text):
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List = ThePittGlow.ba2, other mod.ba2, other mod.ba2, other mod.ba2, …

Author: allilyaaa

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