Feral Salute Photopose Animat for Fallout76

Feral Salute Photopose for Fallout 76
Feral Salute Photopose for Fallout76

Turns the Howl Emote into a Photo pose

A simple mod replaces the “salute” photo pose with the howl female emote. It will not work in power armor.

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Remove FeralSalute.ba2 from its .Zip and place inside your Fallout 76 Data Folder
Generic File Path: [Steam Install Location]steamappscommonFallout76Data

Step 2: Navigate to the Fallout 76 Folder located within the My Documents folder
Example File Path: C:Users[username]DocumentsMy GamesFallout 76

Step 3: If you have not already, create a new file called: Fallout76Custom.ini

Step 4: Open Fallout76Custom.ini using a text editor and add the following line:

Step 5: Click Save

Step 6: Boot Up Fallout 76

Author: Commanderbass

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