Talk While Eating for SIMS4

Talk While Eating for The Sims 4
Talk While Eating for Sims 4

A fairly simple mod that restores the ability for Sims to autonomously begin talking to one another while eating, which appears to have been removed or damaged in a more recent game update.

The likelihood that a Sim will start a conversation depends on their traits, their mood, and their relationship with the other Sim(s). Sims who are too hungry, tired, or uncomfortable will focus on eating. Outgoing Sims are much more likely to strike up a conversation than a loner is.

This mod adds a LootOnAddition to the xml tuning “buff_Object_Chair_IsSitting” which adds a new buff, which in turn checks if a seated Sim is eating. If they’re eating, they will receive a buff which sends a broadcaster, which applies a third buff to other Sims. The third buff will cause the other Sims to start talking to the original Sim. Created using Mod Constructor by Zerbu and Sims4Studio.

This mod doesn’t affect the speed at which Sims consume food, nor does it stop them from compulsively washing dishes, so they may finish eating and stand up too quickly to talk. I suggest using this mod with other mods, such as “More Consumption Turns” by bienchen and “No Autonomous Clean up Dishes” by Sofmc9.

Uses the basegame XML “buff_Object_Chair_IsSitting” and will be incompatible with another mod that uses this resource. Should be compatible with all other mods. Tested with game version 1.80.69.

Author: Mokunoid



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