Night-Time Legal Secretary Career for SIMS4

Night-Time Legal Secretary Career for The Sims 4
Night-Time Legal Secretary Career for Sims 4

Are you a night owl? A vampire in need of a job? Or maybe you just rather work alone, either way Pancakes & Associates may just have the position for you! Your responsibilities will include filing away paperwork, setting up meeting rooms for the next day and answering the phone to clients who don’t realise lawyers do in fact go home for the day (eventually).

My First ever career made for The Sims so please be gentle lol. This is a 8 track career with the last 3 tracks being purely pay rises.

Level 1 Trainee
Congratulations you have been hired, you are now a trainee learning the ropes from you predecessor who is leaving for -redacted- reasons. It won’t be long before you are remembering where all the filing cabinets are!

Level 2 – Front Desk
Yey! Go you, you can answer a phone! Have fun picking up the cups the lawyers don’t know how to return to the kitchen and shredding paper you find on the floor (Let’s hope they aren’t important).

Level 3 – Associates Desk
Moving on up! Your performance has impressed and now our associates want you to alphabetise their filing cabinets.

Level 4 – Partner’s Desk
A partner can only do so much in a day and they want you to deflect calls they don’t have time for in the day, good luck!

Level 5 – Senior Partner’s Desk
The senior partner’s have noticed your tenacity and want you to set up all the meeting rooms for the next day with appropriate paperwork and the clients favourite biscuits, work well and pay rise may be on the way.

Level 6 – Senior Partner’s Desk (1)
A pay rise can only mean one thing, those new kitchen counters you wanted!

Level 7 – Senior Partner’s Desk (2)
More Money? More Problems? Not For You!

Level 8 – Senior Partner’s Desk (3)
Take a vacation you need it, and now you can afford it.

Make sure to not put .ts4script files more than one folder deep in your mods folder or the career won’t appear in game and only one Neia Career package is needed in the folder so if you have any other careers already installed don’t worry about moving that over.

Author: HexeSims



ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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